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  1. AZNative

    which bike to buy????????

    Hey woods.... I am selling my 01 WR250F and buying a KTM 200XC-W. I should have the new bike next weekend. I am going to put the EXC light on it and the wiring harness to make it street legal. I am shocked at how light the bike is. It's roughly 30-35lbs light then what I am riding now, not to mention more power! I have been curious about the power delivery??? I have heard they have a more broad power band than the 250 and are smoother. Also heard they put out some nice low-end torque, but not as luggable as the 300XC (that makes sense though). The inventor of the Powernow lives in Flagstaff and the shop here has had good luck putting those in the 2-stroke KTM's. They say it also helps to smooth out the power and beef up the low end. Are you running one of those as well? Other than that, how do you like the bike for single track riding?
  2. AZNative

    CTI Wrist Braces...

    Well, I went for a pretty easy ride on Sunday. Wrist feels great.... slowed to a walk to go thru a simple little hair-pin turn and the front tire washed out enough to let me fall over. Put the hands down out of instinct and feels like I torqued the wrist again. Had a couple of my primary care doc's look at it today and they think I just sprained it. It feels more like a sprain to me, but I am going to go see the ortho again on Thurs just to be sure. Even though my fracture was pretty weak the first time around I had zero use of the right hand for a couple weeks. So I am crossing my fingers that I didn't do much to it this time. If I can get my insurance to cover a good amount of the brace I am probably better off wearing it then not wearing it.
  3. AZNative

    CTI Wrist Braces...

    Thanks for the link Valerie. TT comes thru with the low price again! I guess I will have to get that ordered and try to get Cigna to cover as much as possible
  4. AZNative

    CTI Wrist Braces...

    Anyone using these? I am just coming off a right navicular scafoid (sorry if spelling is wrong) break and thinking of getting one of these. Thankfully my fracture was not bad at all and the healing appears to have gone well. I have heard good things about CTI stuff and also heard that insurance will help with the cost. Looks like they cost about $350. Hoping one of you out there has bought one and gone thru the process of getting insurance to cover a portion of the cost.
  5. AZNative

    Metatarsal Broken Any Pics

    I am 6 weeks out from breaking my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th meta's in the left foot. Two of them clean. Also broke my right scafoid (sp?). You are asking how to fix it??? Listen to your ortho. Depending on the amount of displacement is going to determine the course of action. If he is saying pins then sounds like they have displaced enough to warrant. If you are uncomfortable with his dianosis seek a second opinion. If the doc has any objection to this (I doubt he would) then you will definitely want a second opinion. So back to how you fix it... I ended up with a stiff-bottomed sandal/booty for 6 weeks and a brace on the wrist. The healing is going well for me and I was given the ok to take off the braces this Monday. The wrist was actually the big worry of the two. Unless your last name is Carmichael or Stewart my suggestion would be do what the doctor says and STAY OFF the bike until you are healed. What's 6 weeks or so off your bike to get healthy.... Good luck with the healing. If you can stay off the foot as much as possible it will help speed the healing. I have also been told about boot selection and the Sidi Crossfire SRS (stiff sole) was one of those that was recommended. I am going to get a pair before I get on the bike again.
  6. AZNative

    HELP.... Unknown clutch problem...!!!

    Any suggestions on what oil to put in. I believe I last changed it with Yamalube (??? I think that was the name. I am out'a town and don't have it in front of me).
  7. AZNative

    HELP.... Unknown clutch problem...!!!

    Sounds like a good idea. Only problem is it will have to wait until Friday when I get back from another business trip....
  8. AZNative

    HELP.... Unknown clutch problem...!!!

    Matt and oldnbold look to have been right... Nothing had worked, including everyone's suggestions. I had decided to let the bike sit and I was going to deal with it when I got back from vacation and got everything moved in to the new house (so I would have a garage to work from). Loaded the bike in to the back of the truck and unloaded at the house. I decided to start it since it hadn't been started in a couple weeks. Since I knew I could roll it and pop it in to 1st w/ some rpm's I did that so I could ride it around the block to juice things up a little. During the few blocks I road it it became apparent that the plates had separated and were working just fine. Pull in to the driveway stopped in first gear with the clutch in and the motor kept running Took it out later that day for about a half hour running across the board on some side streets and everything seems to be working great now! Thanks for the help guys. Looks like this saved me the frustration of learning how to pull apart my clutch basket
  9. AZNative

    HELP.... Unknown clutch problem...!!!

    I was wondering something along those lines too. Is it worth just ordering a clutch kit for $130 and installing? I would pull everything apart for a look first, but at least a clutch kit won't be too expensive...
  10. AZNative

    HELP.... Unknown clutch problem...!!!

    So I tried your suggestion Biegred. I didn't work... Let it warm up for a few minutes until everything would have a chance to get some heat and oil and worked the clutch lever at the same time as you suggested. Same thing happens. W/ the clutch lever depressed first, or second for that matter, gear immediately engages and kills the engine. The small lever on top of the casing is operating just fine and I played with adjusting too. It's almost as if that lever has sheared internalling and the clutch is not pulling the plates apart and whenever it is dropped in to gear from neutral it's engaging??? Maybe it's just time for a new clutch, or maybe just a new lever on the case (part number-- 5JG-16381-00-00 PUSH LEVER COMP.)? I don't necessarily want to take it to the shop and get charge up the arse for something that would be pretty easy to fixed with a little assistance....
  11. AZNative

    HELP.... Unknown clutch problem...!!!

    Thanks for the input. To answer a couple questions. The clutch covering did not appear to take a direct hit. I can't imagine I would have been able to drive back if it did. The clutch cable is operating fine. The linkage/attach point at the clutch housing is getting full, unrestricted movement. I will double check the oil, but I had just changed it prior to the ride so it should be fresh and full. I will warm it up and work the clutch lever in and out a few minutes and see if that works. I'll let ya know if it solves the problem!
  12. '01 WR250F w/ mod's done. Took a spill 3 weeks ago, but rode it home just fine. Clutch worked, everything worked... Has been sitting in neutral and I have gone out and started it a couple times just to run the motor for a few minutes but have not ridden it since I rode home that day. Went to go take it out a few minutes ago to run around the block, etc... Started it up and let it warm for about 60 sec's then pulled in the clutch lever and put it in first gear. The motor stopped..... So I put it back in neutral and it rolls fine. With the motor off I put it in gear and pulled in the clutch - it doesn't roll...??? I played with the clutch cable and tried adjusting, but it is just not doing anything. Has something busted up in the clutch itself maybe? That is the only thing I can thing of, but seems strange that would happen since it was fine after the last ride and the only thing I have done is warmed the motor in neutral a couple times in the past three weeks. Any suggestions on what to look at or try??? Thanks!
  13. AZNative

    Thinking about a used 450 EXC...

    Thanks Hemiorange... I might get an opportunity to ride a WR450 and a KTM here soon. I am curious to see how the KTM gets through the tight stuff compared to my WR250. The extra power would be nice but I don't want to completely give up the maneuverability the WR250 offers.
  14. I am currently riding an '01 WR250 and am starting to tap out on the power (I live at 7,000 ft and all my riding is at or above this). Wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to ride both bikes about the same time and compare the feel... I know the 450 will be heavier but seems like people think it might have a ligher feel than even my WR250??? Any other comparisons would be appreciated too. I am really looking for that nice low-end pull for my riding, which is 90% single track, with plenty of tight stuff and some hills. And the last thing... Plating my WR was as easy as going in to the DMV, showing the title, and paying $40 for a plate. Will I have the same luck with the KTM in AZ? I plan on running DOT tires and a horn (yes, I will even put that horn thing on!!!) I think I may have found a pretty nice deal on an '04 450EXC. Seems like people are saying the 450EXC is a lighter feeling bike than the 04 WR450. Do you find this to be true as well?
  15. AZNative

    4 broken BONES...!!!

    Drummer - "safe" is certainly a relative term. My riding is more slower trail type riding. Given the normal scenarios having all the right protective gear makes it a relatively safe and fun sport. Of course, that doesn't mean a little bit of bad luck and lack of attention won't catch you every now and then... as my spill can certainly attest to. But I am with you on the fact that even if it is dangerous it is too much fun to quite..... As for the chest protecter, it is an MSR. After looking at a few over at the shop my guess is they are all going to do a pretty good job. And for little amount they cost it's a great piece of gear to be riding with. 02YZF - all I can say is DAMN....! That sounds painful. Souns like you are making a good recovering, I hope it continues for ya. I don't know that I would ride after that though. That might be a tough one to come back from. Injury_69 - I was about a 1/4 East of Schultz Pass Rd on the gas line trail. Came over the top of one of those little woops and caught a rock on the other side. I was not going too fast, it just happen to catch me just right and spit me off. I live up in Flag so all my riding has been in this area.