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  1. hello its possible to expleid me why to shorted guide when you put the megacycles 173x12 sorry for my bad english thanks regards eric
  2. Hello Look this for your turbo http://www.turbomaster.info/catalogos/modelo.php?base=garrett&pagina=GT22 A+eric
  3. Thanksvery much I go to blow throught hsr42 carbs ,i go to put a pump and malpassi regulator under the slide panel I make the picture
  4. Sorry its not a good thread
  5. Hello i just finished my project and i dont to start my bike at the momentI have a problem to find the right location for my oil drain pipe I do the picture and i post it
  6. Hello nice job what is your new turbo? I make a nx650 turbo and i use a td04l 12t
  7. hello the hot cam stage 1 for xr 600 have at 0.040" duration inlet open 23° inlet close 55° exhaust open 55° inlet 0pen 23° its un very good cam but the lif is smaller hrc nh4 cam have at 0.04 duration inlet open 20° inlet close 50° exaust open 50° exhauste close 50° in france its possible with regrind to find this at 0.04 duration inlet open 17° inlet close 55° 9.78 lift exhaust open 58.5° exhaust close 20.5° 9.48 lift a+ bubuche
  8. you sell it? you sell the cams?
  9. ok thanks what your advise to stage 2 camsaft? a+ eric
  10. hello joe rc51 what your configuration bike (ported head JE piston 10.5 ect.......) thanks eric
  11. hello joerc51 you are advenced or retardted the hot cam? a+ bubuche
  12. hello what is your webcam? thanks bubuche