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    2005-2006 LTZ400 / KFX400 update // LTR450 frame RECALL !!

    Acutally if you read on page 6 "if there is a crack no wider then 0.5 mm you cn weld the frame only if it is more does the frame get replaced". Just a suggestion for any owners I would try to locate a Suzuki dealer that is also a Large volume Honda dealer. Honda dealers have been welding on Goldwing frames these past couple of years and I feel Honda's guidlines for welders are excellant. Or a blow torch and a clothes hanger can always work too.
  2. Many of you may know of some corrosion troubles under a manezium clutch cover Suz and Kaw has announced a update to release these parts 6/1 all 05-06 LTZ400 and only certain Kaw vin's apply, check with your local dealer. LTR450 has a recall on the frame possibly cracking, it requires an inspection then it may be welded if the crack is within certain guidlines otherwise the frame gets replaced. not all vin # are in the range letters to all should be recieved in the next few days. The crack will form near the rear shock lower mount.
  3. Bobby Broadway


    I also have the same set up and ride mostly short SX style tracks with tight corners I cant say what came stock but I went one tooth down on the front to make second more usuable.I am 205 lbs plus gear second pulls way hard and third still is fast first is usless but always has been, now with the clutch pulling from a dead stop in second just rips.
  4. Bobby Broadway

    Tb Manual Clutch

    I put the kit on with a 88cc superhead, now i hate the gearing i feel i could goo 1 down in the front and maybe 1-2 up in rear to use 2nd from slower speeds, i weigh about 190 so im sure that is not helping, any suggestions
  5. Bobby Broadway

    Pastrana Update Part 2!

    anyone know if he made the switch to thumper yet?? I think he could be top five for the finish maybe top 3 for half the race.
  6. Bobby Broadway

    sikk toys vs sdg

    I work at a dealership that sells SDG and repairs that have been common such as transmission and kick starter shafts breaking have been taking care of 100% they pay a decent hourly wage and a % over cost on parts that makes a good service department profitable, if you have had bad experience try another dealer.
  7. Bobby Broadway

    I'm finally in Ohio!!!

    I will second that
  8. Bobby Broadway

    Indy SX????

    look for the large SARTA bus, 18 of us are comming from Canton over fri night, we will be resting our heads at the lovely super 8 next to the classy chassis, with 18 guys all mx'ers and 1/2 drinkers it should make for a good time, hope no jail time!!!!!
  9. Bobby Broadway

    pro wheel shock ?

    I just installed one on a crf50 I have the 1" longer fork tubes and heavy duty springs in the front and this shock almost perfectly levels the bike out now, for the price its a good deal, I also ordered the stiffer spring I am pushing 190 so the stronger the better, we rode yesturday and It seemed to work well it bottomed a few times but its really fun to seat bounce with. This is the first shock I have ever tried so I cannot compare to anything but the stock shock
  10. OK so the fuel had proved by the AMA to be illegal, forget taking points away fine the team some cash, like $50,000 make it hurt , then use that money to start funding some more privateer's, no not Whitelocks donut habit, I am sure 19th place could care less if RC had some go-juice in his dirt sickle if he got paid and extra 2-3 grand a race right???
  11. Bobby Broadway

    pit bike racing in PA or Oh

    Here I found this on another sight, its a good time, take a lock and lock that bike up have had a few theft problems at this race before..... The 2006 Summit Indoors will be held February 24-26th at the Summit County Fairgrounds. The Schedule is as follows: THURSDAY: There will be an open practice held on Thursday February 23rd, from 1:00 until 6:00 p.m. The cost is $20, with no charge for spectators at Thursday's practice. FRIDAY: Sign up at 6 PM, with Practice at 7 PM, and racing starting at 8 PM. SATURDAY: Sign up will be at 10 AM, Practice at 11 AM, and Heat and Consolation Races immediately after Practice. The Main Event is at 7 PM. You MUST race a heat race to be eligible to ride the main event. SUNDAY: Sign up at 10 AM, Practice 11 AM, and again, Heat and Consolation Races immediately after Practice. Sunday's Main Event is at 2 PM. You MUST race a heat race to be eligible to ride the main event. PRE-ENTRY FORMS AVAILABLE ON THE CRA WEBSITE HOME PAGE! Click here to print out a registration form. Gate fees are $10 per person, Amateur riders are $25 for the first class, $20 for the second. Pro sign-up is $50. All fees are per person or rider, per day. There will be pitbike races held on Saturday night, $20 per class with no CRA membership required. There will be stock and modified classes, last month's pitbike races had close to 60 total entries! More information is available at www.patriotpromotion.com, or by calling 330-948-4517 As always, the Summit Indoors will be an exciting event for riders and spectators alike. Last month's crowd was awesome, as was all of the racing. Come on out and join the fun, and get ready for spring!! -------------------- Thanks, Chris CRA Media and Information
  12. Bobby Broadway

    pit bike racing in PA or Oh

    Summit county has a pit bike race this sat last month there were close to 62 pit bikes, lots of 110's and 25 or so stock 50. they race fri and sun too just no pit races then
  13. Bobby Broadway

    best 88 kit for a 05 crf50?

    I have a TB kit and was very please with it, they have a web sight with directions you can print if needed, but I did not install the oil pump and so far have had no troubles, Kit is about 6 months old has about 25 hours on it.