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  1. diki

    220LB suspension settings 2011 450

    4.8 fork springs, 6.0 rear spring,oil height 355cc, comp 6 clicks out, reb 9 clicks out, shock,sag 115, hi;comp2 turns out,lo;comp12 clicks out, rebound14 clicks out, sand run triple clamps flush with forks
  2. are they any good and what price are they including postage to ireland
  3. diki

    Husky TC450 Anybody Own One??

    aye, got one only problem was a broken kickstart, new one replaced in 30 hours. dont know about the rest of the world but in ireland & uk there is a two year warranty on the engine. how can you beat that? ,big 4 only offering 30 days. couldnt complain about the new bike at all, turns very well if the suspension is sorted. im sponsored so dont know exactly know what went on. but basicly heavier springs less oil was a better set up .
  4. diki


    looks like i gotta get a jd jetting kit, or get my kickstarter made by harlland and wollfe!!!!!!!!(ship builders). thats what happend to me when it stalled, i k icked it and backfired and broke and twisted round to the rear! thanks again for the info
  5. diki


    thanks for the info mate. was gonna try to get it welded. but i dont think ill bother now!!! just wanted a spare, in case it happened again! thanks for the info
  6. diki


    having raced an o5 Tc 450. was looking forward to getting a new o6 bike. not having the leccy start i thought it would be OK. save a bit of weight etc. 1st race i stalled ,went to kick it over and broke the kick start just above the knuckle . husky UK sent a new " revised" kick start but looks identical to the last one! anyone have any experience of this? don't want to be stuck again at a race. can you weld the broken one? ,is it magnesium or alloy? thanks
  7. fro titainium pegs fit. uk manafactured.
  8. diki

    2006 Tc250

    yep fit perfectly. ufo are doing red / white combos cheap. real nice with black wheels
  9. diki

    2006 changes

    just run in a 06 450. compered to a 05 bike seems like much more usable power. bike feels taller, and better suspended, the marzzochi 50,s need a bit of work for a heavyer guy, less oil heavyer springs etc. all in all it feels totally different maybee, the bars and lighter weight! plastics fell apart running it in!!!!