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    How heavy is a 2001 xr 650

    I have a 2001 XR650 R that has stock tank. With some gas in it and oil in it, it wieghed 301 on the shipping scale at work. This is a very accurate scale.
  2. I just bought a 2001 XR650r, On the first ride I noticed that the front forks are not as plush as I would have hoped at speed, I tried to back out the compresion and bleed all the air out of the fork. This did not help that much. I'm not talkig about turning stiffness, I know this can be helped by a brace. I wiegh about 185 with gear on. My other bike is a 04 YZ250F, those forks feel much better at speed. So my question is I have a co-worker that has a set of twin tube 2001 inverted forks off a 2001 RM 250 that he is willing to get rid of them cheap. I'am I better off working on the stock forks or installing the inverted forks?