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  1. Js137

    2012 250SX Horsepower

    Current issue MXA test states a 7 hp increase at a particular point in the rpm range. The hp at that point stock is only 44 hp. So, with 7 it increases to 51 or so.
  2. Js137

    dmauro or bikeride4fun

    Hi spike, I was curious what you think of your Ice Cube 276 and cams? Was it worth it and would you do anything differently? Thanks!
  3. Js137

    Stewart in Trouble...

    This just sucks all around. I hate to have motocross/supercross being brought to the public eye in such a negative light. A lot of people already view the sport (and people who enjoy it) negatively. In addition, it has been a really exciting season and wouldn't have been without JS7 racing. Hopefully, this can go away quickly and we have an exciting finish to supercross and on to the nationals!
  4. Js137

    Fuel Tank Rubber Dampers

    Anyone have any suggestions for a specific adhesive cement for the rubber dampers beneath the fuel tank? I have tried a couple of different adhesives, but the one on the clutch side just keeps coming off. Thanks!
  5. It just got interesting....
  6. Again - I like Dungey, but he heel planted on a big jump almost as badly as Nico a few years ago and walked away!! Having said that I do think "good luck" like that is a combination of his discipline and consistency! Also, at A1 last year (the only race Stewart was healthy) we saw a different a James Stewart. We saw a rider who was willing to take second if necessary to not end up on the ground! I think James is completely a wild card given how long he has been off, but if he backs it down a notch he should be able to run Dungey's pace and be more consistent than he has been in the past. The one weakness Dungey has IMHO is not actually cranking it up at the appropriate times. Fortunately for him, his "regular" race pace is so damn fast he doesn't need to, but that may change with the mix of riders this year!! Is it 1.8.11 yet? I am ready to see some racing!!
  7. Pourcel had a mechanical and and a gate bounce or Dungey wouldn't have won that year. Granted the mechanical is all part of the team, but (and I generally much more a fan of Dungey and indifferent toward Pourcel) that gate bounce at Colorado was BS!
  8. Havingfun - we might be old, but at least we still ride!! My 88 got stolen from my barn. I only had it about a year or so.
  9. My current background at work....grew up in northern IN...same town as Iron Mike (Although he says South Bend now - he actually grew up in LaPorte. His dad owned a dealership right in town. I purchased his old 1988 YZ125!)
  10. Js137

    Best seats for A1

    Evan127 - Are you saying section 316 or so (the area circled above)? Thanks Redfever - we want to hit A1 since all the excitement will be built up. Who knows - maybe half the contenders will be out before the Dodger stadium race (plus that weekend is my wife's birthday - don't want to get myself killed )
  11. Hi, My daughter is 9 and has wanted a bike for quite some time. I am thinking about getting her a bike, but really don't know what would be best. She is 4'5" tall and not very timid. That being said, I don't want something to scare her and put her on the ground quickly! I am thinking an automatic four-stroke would probably be best, but really am not sure. Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. Js137

    Supercross Best seats for A1

    Thinking of heading to A1 for the first time ever....any suggestions on the best place to watch the race? Thanks!
  13. Js137

    Valve advice ..to adjust or not ?

    Another valve question on a 2008 kx250f: checked my valves at 15 hours and (unfortunately I didn't write it down) shimmed one exhaust valve for sure and maybe one other valve. Don't really know any values though. Now at 30 hours just checked the clearances today. Left and right exhaust at .22mm. Left intake at .12mm. Here is the question: the right intake is at .102 mm which is within the clearance. Would you go ahead and shim the right intake are wait and see if it actually goes beyond the tolerance? My thought (probably naive) is why not shim it why I have it apart? My friend also has a 2008 kx250f and at 15 hours he had (attempting to remember here) one intake out of tolerance (too loose) and the other right on the at the edge similar to my right intake. Today at 30 hours his right intake is right at .15mm, but the left is .051 mm and that barely fit! Does this mean he is close to needing new valves? BTW, both bikes start and run fantastic. One other question - I am using straight feeler gauges - that isn't a problem is it? Thanks!
  14. Js137

    James finally speaks.

    Didn't read all the comments, but thought I would add my $.02! I don't think James should have came back unprepared. It was obvious his suspension wasn't working right, and I have no idea how bad that is at the professional level, but as a slow (getting older) guy I can tell you it makes a world of difference to me - night and day literally. Having said that I would never pull off a race because my suspension was set-up poorly even if it caused me to come in last. But I am not James Stewart. I can (clearly as evidenced by the entirety of my motocross racing history!) tolerate losing much better than he can. I don't think many (if any of us) have any idea how badly someone like James (or especially RC) hates to lose. If RD is actually better and faster come supercross - I don't think for a second Stewart will ride around battling for 2nd or 3rd or any other position for long - he will quit first. Which brings me back to my original point - why let him race with how much he is worth if he isn't ready - who cares how long has been off? This is an investment and one that doesn't generally tolerate losing and has even been willing to impale himself on the ground to win. Seems risky to me. Stewart looked rough - I thought he might throw it away in the first moto, and if it was my money I wouldn't have even let him line for the second. Imagine what would of happened if he got the holeshot ahead of DeSalle and Dungey - hopefully we would have seen a more mature James who would let them by rather than hit the ground, but maybe not! In any case, as a fan I hope he is back this weekend even if he gets it handed to him by Dungey, but if I made the decisions who wouldn't be back until Supercross. You just can't improve fitness too terribly quickly!
  15. Js137

    James Stewart Pulls Off The Track!

    I told my friend after the first moto that Stewart looked like me after a race - and I only get to ride about 12 times per year with 1 race!! Completely winded, exhausted, and barely able to hold on. I said then that if I was Larry Brooks (or anyone with money invested in this guy) I would insist that he not ride moto 2 - way too risky given how tired he was. Still shocked he pulled off though and hope it was just exhaustion and has nothing to do with lingering pain in that wrist - or he maybe permanently done. As for the next races, you can't improve your fitness while racing that much - I don't suspect he will win a single moto - Dungey is way too solid especially late in the race (and I am generally of the opinion if he is healthy and in shape he would destroy Dungey!!). Dungey may go undefeated to finish the motocross season and will surely be the title favorite for supercross!