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    R/C planes and getting back into riding thx honey.
  1. Track that is shut down is pkra in phoenix, Not P1 which is in Tucson. P1 is a great track, got to ride it a few weeks ago, dirt section was shut down. Can't make the august race
  2. advancedperformanceaccessories.com, all colors, nice product and fast shipping.
  3. Not yet, goin july 5th to P1 down in tucson. Cant wait:ride:
  4. Where is P1 at? I was lookin on smj and saw the schedule, just need directions. Thx Jared
  5. Thank you, I can hardly wait till next friday. Talk to you soon
  6. Check out swmototires.com, they have a big selection of 18's. Later on
  7. Hey Bro, check out swmototires.com, good selection of 18 and 21 inch tires. If you get 17's they have those as well. Just picked up a set for 200 front and rear, Pirelli scorpions. The main reason for the 17 inchers is more selection of tires. Later on
  8. Is your bike still available? I would like to talk to you on the phone, I am at work and available all night, Thx Jared 623-570-6034
  9. Thx for the info cleonard, I have a 65 pilot and 155 main. Need to pull the plug and check it before I get jets. Will look over the flapper real close while it is apart
  10. Yeah pulled the carb and compared to the pics and way different thx for the reply.
  11. Hi all just got a 95 xr 600 and lovin it. Will Daves carb mods work on this, I havent seen a post about the 600s needing them or using them. Thx for the help Jared