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  1. I edited the pic hope they work. Thanks for the input.
  2. I'm fresh to the WR world and have a few questions about my '02 WRF 426. I have looked at the newbie section on WR mods and most say 250f or 450f. I'm assuming that all the mods (airbox, grey wire, yz timing, exhaust, throttle stop) they apply to me as well? When I bought the bike it had a FMF pipe on it, after taking it apart I found this on the inside and again assuming I don't need it? Thanks
  3. Tarfele what graphics kit are you using on the wr
  4. I'm new to the four stroke bikes and need some direction. About seven years ago I use to ride a Honda 125 and ended up sell the bike for some reason and have not been on a bike since. I just bought a 2002 WR426 with 300 mile on it and I am clues less as to the up keep of the four stroke. Is the maintance like the two strokes, and what does the hot start botton due?
  5. What type of rideing are you going to do, track or offroad? I have been out of riding for 7+ years and I got a used yamaha wrf426. The bike is awesome, lots of power but with very smooth delivery, great for trails and a few trips to the track.