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  1. Just picked up my 2007 450exc today. I've read all the threads about rejetting and unrestricting the exhaust is there a post or web site on how to do it?
  2. They only made it for 2003/2004, supposedly they didn't file the paperwork to make it CARB compliant ( I think they were focusing more on the new 450) in case you don't know it's identical to the Suzuki DR400E,(which is green stickered) Suzuki and Kawasaki combined there R&D and developed the bikes together. Anyway back to your question.$5000.00 out the door should be about right. I don't know about the weight,they should be close but the big difference is the electric start on the KLX400 (it's great) I own the Kawasaki KLX400 and I love it.