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  1. 5hauler

    Coolant Leak 2006 WR

    That is called a weep hole. If the seal on the inside of the pump starts to leak, it leaks from that hole to let you know. It could have had a piece of dirt stuck in the seal that has worked its way out. Chances it will start again are high. Jay
  2. 5hauler

    Bad, Bad open class bikes???

    The last big 2 stroker I had was a 1981 465 rm. I now have a 04 wr 450. the rm was a lot faster by feel. If you wanted the front up just twist. 1st or 5th didn't matter. You could hardly get the power to the ground. I am now 20 years older and can tell I have slowed down but I can still handle the 450 but never could really handle the 465. The rm had no idle circuit so when you droped the throttle she would quit. This helped in corners with engine braking. It makes a real trail ride comparison hard as this was not a trail bike. I dont think the rm hits any harder if you talk about hole shot as the wr gets the power to the ground, but once you were rolling no doubt the rm would smoke my wr. It was scarry fast to hold on to if not on a track. The suspension sucks comparied to the wr but I wish I had my 465 back just to show the guys I now ride with what fast is. Jay Smith
  3. 5hauler

    Starter Wont Turn Engine

    My 04 does the same thing. So far no lasting problem. I just use the kick starter to move it and she starts right up.
  4. 5hauler

    HELP!! Fuel screw O-ring

    The same carb is used on the 450 Suzuki. I get mine from them and there normally in stock. Jay
  5. 5hauler

    Fuel Screw

    on my 03 yz 450 the fuel screw is out 2 n 1/2 turns. stock pilot jet. on my 04 wr 450 its out 3 turns on stock fuel screw. I need to go up at least 1 size on pilot screw on the wr . Jay
  6. 5hauler

    Parts for a Suzuki TS 250?

    you can still get most parts at www.BikeBandit.com. The right side adjuster is available at about 8 bucks the bolt is a buck 50. The left side is no longer there. Jay
  7. 5hauler

    Startproblem when Hot WR450-03

    Try this trick. Twist the throttle 3 times then hands off, pull hot start lever and hit start button. When starter starts to turn engine over, let go of hot start lever. My 04 450 starts this way. Any other way makes it hard to start. Jay
  8. 5hauler

    what is the average age of the wr owner

    50, started riding a TC 90 Suzuki at 14 years old. jay
  9. 5hauler

    float bowl screw size 05 wr450

    On my 04 wr450 the screws that hold the bowl to the carb bottom can be found at lowes. 2 in a pack at 80 cents and are m4 dia-.70 pitch 12 long. These are a socket head so they work well with a ball end allen. jay
  10. 5hauler

    fuel screw o ring

    Sorry to take so long on the thanks. I knew somebody would have the answer. Thanks Jay
  11. 5hauler

    fuel screw o ring

    Just broke the o ring on the fuel screw. Was rejetting and could not get the screw back in. Got the pieces out with a dental pick. Yamaha does not sell just the o ring. Where can you get one. Thanks Jay
  12. 5hauler

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Motorcycle oil

    You can use diesel oil in our bikes. I run Shell Rotella t 15-40. Talked to shell engineers about meeting the motorcycle jaso standard ( I think thats the name ) He said it does not pass, as the standard is 1.2% ash and the Rotella has 1.3% but they feel it wont matter. The diesel oil also has lots of zinc which is a high shear and pressure additive used only in diesel oil. Used to be in car oil but thanks to the EPA it now mostly gone. The zinc is real good for the tranny and our engines dont care if its there or not. No diesel oil is energy conserving , that I know of, so no clutch issue. I run it in my 7 bikes I have now and lots of bikes in the past. Most of my riding buddies have also converted over. Jay
  13. 5hauler

    Rear wheel hop

    With out sounding stupid,which I do easiely. My 450 will do that but it due to engine braking and the brakes. Are you droping the throttle when this happens. I raced 2 stroke all my life and they dont have the engine braking my wr has. On my wr if I hit a corner fast and drop the throttle she will hop to the point that I cant stear as the back is sliding. blip throttle or pull clutch and all is well again, been told all the big 4 strokes have this problem. Jay
  14. 5hauler

    '05 TTR230 only starts in neutral?

    Sounds like yours is messed up. My wife has an 06 230 yamaha. It has a very easy pull on the clutch lever. It will start in neutral, or in gear with the lever pulled. It has little or no drag when in gear and rolled. Jay