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  1. Saturdays ride was very short & costly. I'm thinking about a motor swap instead of a complete rebuild right now, for time sake. Question is will either 07 or 08 motor drop right in and what problems will there be using the 06 electronics. Thanks for any insight You guys have.
  2. I happen to have an '04 & '06 in my garage right now, looks like there both measuring 5 3/16.
  3. It's not that bad, take the bike to the CHP and have them run a VIN verification. If it's clean, fill out a DMV statement of facts form explaining the situation and You should be good. Oh, the DMV like a lot of detail.
  4. Your need to do the front also. Your bike is not balanced now & the fork is going to be settled too far down in the stroke and the suspension won't work properly.
  5. The two will fit fine side by side. The wheel well fits in between the quad wheels & the bike will fit on the other side. If it's a full weekend I'll stand the quad up on the rear wheels. Two tie downs on the frame near the pegs & one or two from the steering to the rear of the truck. Been doing this for years, good luck.
  6. I have the PIAA super white, not the cheapest bulb & is a little blue, but would recommend it over stock any day. It's about 1.5 times brighter & a very clean white.
  7. While it's not on an R, I do have the full Ti low boy on my X. The quality & craftsmanship is second to none & the power increase on my X is absolutely incredible. As far a repacking if Your jetting is on, no more than any other silencer.
  8. Check out there's a lot of info on 500 conversions that might give You good idea how to go about the conversion.
  9. You might have to break the "seal" with a screw driver or something. I have an old screw driver that I rounded off to push the boot off. Just be careful not to puncture the air box boot.
  10. You didn't mention the exhaust. Did You unbolt the silencer?
  11. Shh.. Stick R graphics on. Done.
  12. I have had Enzo tanks on an '03 & '06 CRF 450, '06 Husky TE 450 and was going to put them on my CRF250X. You could say I'm definitly sold, they are a great addition. I found I could get the Moose sub tank handle bar system for a great price so I went that route. They work excellent, but a steering stabilizer might be an issue with the adujstment dial & speed bleeder placement.
  13. Another vote for Suomy !! I have them both for street & dirt. Excellent helmets, the european standard for testing is much higher.
  14. The artists are Guano Apes, Proud like a god.
  15. Hitch Crafters in Costa Mesa.