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    KTM LC4 620 RCX Parts

    I'm getting parts for my 620 RXC from Chip at Munn Racing via ktmtalk.com (where you pick up a 15% discount). Just click the on line shopping button and it takes you to Munn Racings Microfiche files with exploded views. I got a odometer gear, diode and "condensator" on order now. Chip is easy to get on the phone if you have questions.
  2. Thanks for the recommended starting point. I was wondering if when the voltage regulator was shot, and the bike was producing something like 35 volts, some other component might have been "burnt out". Is there any in-line fuse or other part that might have failed. Behind the headlight there is a electrical part which resembles a m-80 firecracker but white with two wires. I don't know what the heck the part is. I don't have a manual for the bike and am currently searching for a cheap one on Ebay. I have disassembled and reassembled the handlebar turn signal / light / horn switch. No luck.
  3. I have a 1995 620 R/XC and have ridden it for about 5,000 miles. When I first got the bike the voltage regulator was shot as it blew all the bulbs. I bit the bullet and laid down $200 at the local KTM shop for the official voltage regulator. Next I replaced all of the bulbs. Headlight works great but nothing else works. Just to get to the back country I've wired a hot lead to the taillight and brake light. I have no power to the horn, turn signals and any speedometer back lighting. The yellow turn indicator light occasionally comes on. I've checked the main ground and used electrical contact cleaner on all of the main harness loop contacts - no luck. I've replaced the turn signal relay not with a KTM one but one the NAPA guy swears is the same thing -no luck. It has been "upgraded" with a bigger motorcycle battery with one in-line fuse, which I've checked. I even put a new battery in to the tune of $50.00. I'm going broke trying to guess a fix. Any direction would be appreciated. I've run out of guesses. The bike runs great otherwise.
  4. rat734

    1996 620 Engine Vibration?

    I own the 1995 620 R/XC and have ridden it for about 5,000 miles within the last year. About 90% dirt and 10% road. When I got the bike it was very used. I've changed the oil and put in a new voltage regulator. I love this bike and mine does vibrate some but the rear Dunlap was never balanced and is off by a mile. My bike does have (and always had) some unknown electrical problem. Can't get the turn signals or horn to work (see above post). The bottom line tho... If you don't want the bike let the rest of us know where it is. I'd love a spare. These bikes are nothing but torque, horsepower and traction. A little on the heavy side but that makes the ride more thrilling.