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    TTR-90 Carb Adjustment

    My daughter has a 2003 TTR-90. I have replaced the jets, air screw set, throttle screw set, needle valve and a few seals in the carb. The bike runs good but doesn't idle well. When I tilt the bike to one side the idle fluctuates. Also, I'm not sure how to set the throttle screw and the air screw properly or even adjust the idle. I don't have a manual for this bike. Can someone please direct me to some info or tell me how to get this bike adjusted properly?
  2. I am 6'5" 220 lbs with a 36" to 38" inseam. I'm looking for riding pants that tuck in the boot and fit long legs. I also wear 36" waist jeans. Some have recommended a larger waste size in riding pants. I also plan to wear knee braces. Probably something like EVS or Asterisk. What are some good recommendations for pants that might fit? I also live in Texas where it's HOT so cool pants would be nice.
  3. I just bought an 05' 525 MXC. I need to change the gearing so I can ride 1st gear a bit slower. The minimum first gear speed is still faster than I prefer for certain riding. I plan to change the front sprocket because it's cheaper. Do I go larger or smaller?