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  1. I stand corrected, it was WileE1.
  2. Actually it was 'dipSTICK' but what the heck. I'll agree to disagree with you, cancer and broken arms aen't quite the same. I'll not respond further, some arguments are futile from the onset. Hope your arm is healing well.
  3. YZ, maybe I don't know all the "history", I'm just saying that those kind of comments are not cool, regardless of how you feel about someone. You fell at PC, broke your arm, and no one said "glad to see that happened to you".
  4. And no, I'm not that JL character., before you go and ask, I just think things like that are better to not be said.
  5. That's a f***ed up thing to say about anyone. Ever lose a loved one to cancer, dipstick?