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  1. Thanks Jim, lots to get my head round, Thanks for the advice, beat wishes, Steve
  2. Thanks for the prompt response, best wishes, Steve
  3. Thanks for the advice! Ive got lots to think about while the bruising goes down! You have certainly prompted me to keep trying and hopefully I will master it cos I love the bike, its a dream come true! Thanks again and all the best, Steve
  4. Hi everyone! New to the site and off road/ trail bikes etc and would like some advice from you guys if possible. I have just bought a 1980 XL500S which I am struggling to kickstart properly. I have never owned a kickstart bike and she has already severly bruised my ankle twice by kicking me back. It is taking the fun out of the bike as Im scared to even try now as it is so painful! How do I do this properly,? What is the best technique? How do I use the decompression lever etc.? Any advice would be appreciated, and many thanks in anticipation, Cheers, Steve Billson