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  1. I took the slide out and the needle is still in place correctly. This thing has really got me baffled!
  2. The pilot jet is still the stock one. It seemed to be just right for both bikes.
  3. The pilot jet is still the stock one. It seemed to be just right for both bikes before.
  4. I'll pick one up, give it a try and get back to you. Thanks
  5. I'll give it a try, but why would it change? The 132 ran great for two seasons and I have the 132 in my other 230 and it runs great?
  6. My bike will not run at all with the choke on. Even with the choke off it was running so rich that when I would open the throttle more than 1/4 to 1/3 it would cut out badly and black smoke would be coming out of the exhaust. The only things I can think of that would cause a really rich condition like this is a closed choke, plugged air filter, float level too high, or too large of a main jet. I have verified that the choke is open, the air filter is clean, I have swapped the float with another one and there is no fuel coming out of the overflow, and the main jet was a 132 which ran great for two seasons. I do not know what else to check. Does anyone know if the air cut valve on the left side of the carb next to the choke lever that richens the mixture on deceleration to prevent back fire could cause this problem if it were bad? It appears to me that it is held closed by a spring and opens under high vacuum to allow extra fuel so I don't think it could be the cause. Thanks in advance for any help
  7. I performed the power up jetting mods per the sticky on my wifes 05, 230 two seasons ago and it has ran perfectly until I got it out to go to Cal City for new years. When I got it started, it would idle ok but when the throttle was opened more than a quarter it would begin to cut out badly until you let off. I assumed it had a plugged main jet so I disassembled the carb and cleaned all of the jets. No help. I looked at the plug and it was black so I could tell it was running rich. I then put the stock 102 MJ back in and it no longer would bog when the throttle was opened but it idled rough and stumbled just off of idle. I drained and replaced the gas and that did not help. I also swapped the float and float valve from another 05 230 that runs fine and this did not help. I then swapped the carbs on the two bikes and it performed the same on the other bike. I have checked the operation of the choke and it operates correctly. I have run into many carburetor problems in the past and they usually are caused by dirt or grime causing a lean condition not overly rich. Has anyone ever run into this kind of problem before?