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  1. michigan. new and unopened. i dont know if i want to deal with shipping it may be a pain.
  2. thanks for all the info. seems like more of a pain than its worth. i may just find someone to buy it.
  3. no jetting its EFI 2009 crf450r
  4. would i have to drain the tank after im done riding? i heard you have to run pump after to clean the race gas out of the system.
  5. i did not buy the fuel it was given to me. so what im hearing that it does nothing to my bike unless it's modified? well my bike is stock compression with stage two hotcam and a remap. my bike runs great without it. just thought i would use it because i had it.
  6. i have never used race fuel before and wanted to know if i should mix 50/50 with pump gas? its vp ultimate 4.4. my bike is a 2009 crf450r and i race all the time.
  7. (53300-MEN-A30) BRIDGE, FORK TOP Ride: 2011 CRF250R Part Group: HANDLEBAR + TOP BRIDGE (53300-MEN-A30) BRIDGE, FORK TOP Ride: 2011 CRF450R Part Group: HANDLEBAR + TOP BRIDGE this is off the motosport website.
  8. the top clamps are the same. same part #'s, its the bottom clamp thats different. you can get 2008 450 clamps so you can still have the steering damper. they are 22mm offset while the new ones are 20mm
  9. I think the will fit the top clamp but you may have to get a 250f lower clamp. because the 250f runs those same showa forks. im not 100%
  10. Mine starts at TDC only! so what exactly did they change on the 10 cam? i read just the plunger and weight.
  11. the decomp on the 2010-2012 is positioned different from the 2009. thats all thats diff. thats why the start easier.
  12. Is anyone intrested in a 2009 stage 2 hotcam? it is currently in my bike and i have about 10 hrs on it. use your own decomp parts. real good camshaft for the honda crf450r. $150 free shipping!!
  13. the 2010 cam starts easier. i put in my friends 10 cam in my 09 and it starts anyway i kick it. but with the stock 09 cam have to kick at TDC. the decomp assembly has been repositioned on the 2010-2012 cam. my original question was mhy is there 2 weight part #'s and 2 plunger part #'s i obviousy dont need 2 of each. just wanted to know if there were a diff each weight and each plunger?
  14. im putting a 2010 camshaft in my 2009 450 but i have to get the 2010 decomp parts for the cam. when i go on the motosport OEM parts it shows 2 part# for the weight and 2 part# for the plunger. does anyone know what the difference is? im useing a stage 2 hotcam.
  15. my bike has been re-mapped already would i need to map it again with the cam?