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  1. hkgroggy

    Artsy Picture

    Nice man! I like.
  2. hkgroggy

    Brand New 250x! (omgggggggggggggggg)

    Just enjoy and keep it off the rev limiter.
  3. hkgroggy

    What does a Smog Pump Eliminator Kit do?

    The only thing I noticed that it did was clean up the appearance of the motor. Looks nice not to have all that hosing and such. I would also say it shaves a little under a pound of weight.
  4. I haven't been able to get any of these links to work. Always gives a file not found.
  5. hkgroggy

    Installing an R Fender to a CRF250x

    Doh! Thanks so much for your help. Time to make an order! Anybody need an 06 fender? Ha!
  6. hkgroggy

    Installing an R Fender to a CRF250x

    Hello all. I know this has been talked about quite a bit on this forum but yesterday I ordered an R fender. I brought it home excited to install. To my dismay I noticed quite a size difference between the R and X fender. For the people that have installed this, could you please give some guidance. From what I can see the holes don't line up and there is a huge gap. Not just that, but the X fender seems much longer and blocks dirt from getting up into the battery area. Any help would be much appreciated. Other than that, I love my 2006 X, it's a great bike.