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  1. merctech

    Oil mixing question Its not what you think

    Yea I not feeling bad its not the first time being wrong about something.
  2. merctech

    Oil mixing question Its not what you think

    Yea Im going to do the right thing and admit I was wrong. Thanks to you guys I have been shown some good data. At least I can say I learned something from this mistake.
  3. merctech

    Oil mixing question Its not what you think

    Thanks for info guys.
  4. merctech

    Oil mixing question Its not what you think

    How much more oil is added to make more power. Was anything else done other than changing oil ratio?
  5. merctech

    Oil mixing question Its not what you think

    Well it all started with a simple question about a leaf blower. A person ask if it would be ok since he had only one gas can mixed at 18:1 for a chainsaw if he could use it in a leaf blower thats suppose to be mixed at 50:1. I said it would be ok but the result in the leaf blower might be a fouled plug. Then thats when the down under fellas said more oil = more power, I called BS and you can imagine the rest.
  6. Hey guys Ive been riding my yz250 for sometime now. Ive all but thought I knew 2-stroke engines pretty well until recently. Ive got into this discussion with some guys from aulstrailia that there saying more oil equals more power. Now of course I thought that this was bogus but aparantly a lot of them believe this to be true. Could some of you 2-stroke guru's shed some light for me as I cant asked them since I put foot in mouth if they are right.
  7. merctech

    125 or 250?

    Get a 250 then youll have no regrets later.
  8. merctech

    I Grab The Front Brake And Nothing?

    Does it have fluid in the master cylinder?
  9. merctech

    Fast idle at start up

    Try mixing at 40:1 with 93 octane gas. Thats what i run my 02 yz250. Also I run the stock br8eg spark plug on motul 2t oil.
  10. merctech

    yz 250 the best woods mxer?

    +1 on the yz is better than the xr. I rode a xr250 for a while it was heavy, got a yz 250 big difference, love it.
  11. merctech

    06 YZ85 good deal or not?

    I think its a good deal. My buddy bought a 04 rm 85 for his kid for 1000. HE had to put some money into though.
  12. merctech

    Anahiem Live on Jan. 6th

    Thank God for the dvr.
  13. merctech


    I think motul smells good when burned through my 250 almost like race gas. I also get a little spooge but no plug fouling. Great oil. 40:1 ratio
  14. merctech

    Awesome video!

    Thanks for sharing:thumbsup:
  15. merctech

    HOW TO lower compression on a 02 YZ250

    I have an 02 yz 250, I just run premium gas. No problems with knock either.