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  1. Ret09

    Heads up in Erendira

    Its up to the older riders to show the younger riders to respect the country and its people. Shown the right way to pass through towns, and by farms and ranches only takes minutes to learn.
  2. Ret09

    love my husaberg

    Which one?
  3. Ret09

    2012 Husaberg 2 Stroke's

    This all makes sense now. My local dealer (JP Motorsport in Chula Vista, Ca) picked up the Berg line in May of this year and has already sold 5 FE 570's and one SM 570. I just watched a 6th FE 570 go otd last night. He got the new 300 last week and already has it sold too with pu this coming week. Looks nice, except for the yellow paint job. Thanks for the the info here guys. I guess having the FE 570 voted Best Enduro Bike in Cycle World for 2011 didn't hurt sales either.
  4. Ret09

    KLX250 2009 footpegs

    Sorry to piggy back onto your conversation, but I just took an 09 KLX250s out for a test spin yesterday. It feels like and ran on the freeway at 70 just fine. What can you guys tell me of yours? I've noticed IMS makes a 3.3 gallon tank for them as well. I'd be using to commute to work by freeway 20 miles each way, 5 nights a week, and 3-5 weekend Baja trips on ranch and farm roads to the Saw Mill, Mikes Sky Ranch, and San Felipe. I'm 6'3" and 270 w/o gear. Thanks guys. Btw, the pegs did feel small to me too for my short ride.
  5. Ret09

    Husky slashes prices on dual sport bikes

    This is just my opinion, but I will wait for the dealer show, then ask my local dealer (GP Cycles) what the skinny is. I too am in the market for a new dual sport for both work and play. If Husqvarna is coming out with a new 650 to compete with the other good open dual sport bikes (Suz, Hon, BMW, KTM), and it is what I have been told to expect, I'll wait. Otherwise, the 630 looks good for its current price. As a side note, my dealer closest to me is a Husaberg dealer (JP Motorsports in Chula Vista). He has been nudging me to change ships and pick up a 2011 FE 570. I rode one on the street for 20 miles and a small dirt section near Brown Field a week ago. Except for the $8290+tax price, it was a great handling bike too, for both the street and trail. Cruised at 75 steady on the freeway (I-5 to I-905) with plenty left to go. Grunted down low on hill climbs in the dirt. But, the 630 is still $2k cheaper. Will wait to hear about the 650, yea or nea.
  6. Ret09

    Husky slashes prices on dual sport bikes

    Well I got it on fairly good HVA advice (above the dealer level) that the new 650 would be out by years end. Dont know which platform it will be built on, but was told it would be similar to how Honda went from the 650 XRL model to the 650R model. That sort of jump from the 630 to the 650. Your right, a few months will tell.
  7. Ret09

    Husky slashes prices on dual sport bikes

    So to add another fly in the ointment, I too was in the market for an TE 630, especially with the BMW financing and lowered prices. Then I hear that Husky is developing a TE 650 to replace the 630. And that it could be out as early as Dec in a 2012 model. That the 630 is a limited run which will end in December or when stock runs out, whichever comes first. You can remove the lights and race it in cross country events, then put the lights back on and dual sport. Care to comment on the 2012 TE 650 rumor?
  8. Ret09

    449/511 customers have spoken...

    Who do you think makes it? One of my team a few years back raced his TE 450 in the baja races. It works well in long distant off road races.:ride:I'm sure the new TE 499 and 511 works just as well.
  9. Ret09

    TE510? 450? or 630?

    Hey, not to rain on anyone's parade here, but we put over 3600 race miles on a Cagiva 07 TC 450, and 06 TC 510, each without blowing the engines back in 06/07. I'm sure the BMW engines are better, but then again how long have they been in production and sold in the USA? I dont remember the BMW 450 being a big seller here prior to Husqvarna using their engine.
  10. Ret09

    Possible Replacement for My DR650?

    You could buy two used 05 DR 650's for the price of one TE 630 and have money left over for suspension, seats, pipes and gearing for both the DR's. I'm a true and blue Husky guy saying this too. That would be a dirt DR and a street DR for the price of one TE 630. Food for thought. That is what I'm looking at. A DR for commuting to work and around town, road trips to the mountains. And a DR for my Baja and desert adventures, more dirt oriented.
  11. Ret09

    TE510? 450? or 630?

    I was going to echo similar thoughts to HuskyRip's. If majority of riding is street (70% or better) I'd say the TE 630 would be the winner. If on the other hand, 50% or less on the street, the 510 (or 511) would work better too. I owned an 05 TE 510, and geared it with a 15/48 combo. It was good for 85+ off road on Baja dirt roads and two lane highways. Yet it could crawl in first gear on single track when needed. IMS made a 3.4 and 3.9 tank and I used the 3.9 for mileage. Stock gearing on a TE 510 or 511 will be low if you try it at the dealer. Just remember that when testing.
  12. Ret09

    It's official the Legend Returns

    LR got close to 80 miles per tank cruising too on his 511, running a 45 tooth rear sprocket. Next up for him will be the V2R I heard.
  13. Ret09

    The Baja Forum

    Let me just say it. I like pictures. The kind of pictures you see here on TT, and the pictures I see on FB. I tend to ramble on, and remember days past when it was just baja and myself. When I left the Air Force in 79, I went to work with JT Racing here in National City. I met up with the Husqvarna guys in Kearny Mesa through JT's co-owner, John Gregory. There in turn, I started to take Baja trips with Bill Halbert,the then Parts Manager of Husky West, his ex Brother in Law Steve, his brother Jim, and a few others. I learned a lot about northern baja, the people, the ranchers, and various race courses, roads and trails from back in 1968 forward. One thing though, my 1975 Hus 400wr always seemed to have an issue of those rides. And Bill, always had a fix. Everyone else on those rides had modern 80's Husqvarna's. I grew tired of my bike always being the one we had to work on. So I got a deal thru JT and Husky, and bought a brand new 1980 Husky 420AE in June of 80. Bob Popiel had won the Tecate Enduro on one in 1980, and I liked the fact it was an automatic. I started taking trips to Baja alone, figuring out that I should learn how to fix my own bike, and keep it running. It worked, because I didn't suffer breakdowns any longer. I still rode with Bill now and again. But I took many 2-4 day rides by myself, meeting new people at Pemex stations and at night stops. I would stop with my Instamatic Camera and take pictures of beaches, meadows, ranches, anything that caught my eye. Hard to see when developed, but I knew what they were. While I think it is great that groups of like minded guys and gals get together and ride Baja, you should really try a ride by yourselves, or with one other rider, un supported, to really get the real flavor a baja one time in your life. I know some will say that is dangerous, what if you crash, break your bike, or a bone. I've crashed, broken bones and even had to leave my broken bike in baja twice, hitching rides to my truck in Ensenada. Then going back to work, only to drive down the next weekend and retreve my bike then. But what if you get hit by a car at home by yourself. Or get bitten by a shark surfing? Poop happens. You can't live your life worrying what could happen. Back when I was in my 20's and 30's, cell and sat phones weren't around. There were no SPOT machines. No one wore FM portables on their fanny belts except the sponsored teams while racing. Telephone service in Baja was spotty at best south of Ensenada. You carried what you needed for tools and spare parts, and prepped your bike "before" leaving for baja, and not while riding. You carried tubes, irons, and air on you and practiced at home on how to use them. When staying at places like Mikes, Santo Tomas, or other small motels, you bunked up with strangers in the same rooms, and made friendships that would last for decades from that one meeting. Mike's dad was the salt of the earth and a lifetime friend to me. He instilled that in his son Mike Jr. To this day, I see Mike Sr in Mike Jr. Some guys now would say enough of the old stories. I say too bad. They are the experiences that make baja what it is. Anywhere you ride that is wilderness, you will make stories that will last a lifetime. Friendships that will endure time. I met Mordo at the Baja 1000 in 1985. I had heard of his name in D-38 desert circles, but never met him before. He pitted me at Puertocitos at night after 4am, as I was racing for San Felipe on our (Big Tickets, aka Mark Daniels, was ROR) Class 22 Husky 510. Back then, it was 2 man teams, and I had gotten on at Gonzaga around 1am, and would ride to the finish in Ensenada later that early afternoon. Tim was pumped, gave me a fast pit and wished me well! The Tim you see now was the Tim I met then, only 26 years younger. I have never taken a tour with him, but have met up with him and Jen on their tours as I have ridden baja. Friendships for life, made in Baja. So to wrap this rather long dribble up, post your baja pictures here. Plan your rides, go to the same places like I do, or find new ones. I'm only in my mid 50's now, yet when I was in my 20's, I too rode with guys in their mid 50's. Guys who had been riding Baja since before the first NORRA 1000 race, back when I think of baja as a wild place. Back when bikes said Triumph, BSA, and later in the early 70's, Honda XL's and Husqvarna's. And keep posting here. Guys like me, that can't go to baja all the time any longer, love to see the pictures, and read the stories of you that can. With time, some of you will become baja experts and newbies will learn from you. Just as I learned from guys with names like Bill Halbert., Hugh McClean., Jerry McMurry., Niles, Arnie Grunner., Joe Finger., Ken Smithy., Bob Bitchen, and a host of older Mag 7 brothers and sisters who broadened my love of baja 10 fold, in the 70's and 80's. Ride on brothers and sisters of baja! RIDE ON!:smirk:
  14. Ret09

    Rescue group

    I'd be more worried of breaking down and having to walk out of the desert w/o my bike in my riding boots than being knocked out or worst. Having broken down completely twice in 30 years (Mikes once and south of San Ignacio the other, before Spot, Sat, or cell phones) that is a lonely prospect when riding by yourself. Good idea to throw around here, but most likely help would come from other American's, Canadian's or Mexican's living around SF or other points in Baja reaching you first. I too am 4-5 hours north of SF just by truck on a highway, let alone then off road too. Then of course, medical training of some kind, so that you dont make the injury worst in the process of moving the injured rider out. You guys and gals who have done this before, having to remove someone from off road for an airlift back to the states, know what I'm talking about there.
  15. Gabriel, Congrats! Two questions, what year was that XR you rode? And two, was that a fresh 606 that your shredded? You sounded good as you passed us right after the 7-11 on the road out of SF. Smitty, myself and Greene were under that red and white Husqvarna EZ up, on the right side, taking it all in.