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  1. this thread is ridiculous... i laughed my ass off.
  2. The same person who thought it was a good idea to burn out for a full minute WOULD think that coolant steaming out of the overflow tube meant the bike was blown up. What i just watched is blasphemy.
  3. idk i dont think i can hit a straight with a bunch of choppy rolling humps (not quite whoops) at 70 mph and i did that straight 5th gear tapped. im thinkin 65
  4. i am a C rider and get half off all products froma coupple of my sponsors through sponsor house. hog wash my ass
  5. ok i was bluffing
  6. ive done better whips in my pickup truck
  7. :smirk: dude awesome
  8. wow... mine are going up for auction tonight
  9. how did i know that was coming
  10. dial in your suspension before you start jumping, suspension being to stiff will make a bike almost uncontrollable when jumping to an inexperienced rider. i learned the hard way. can you say swap/face plant.
  11. was i the only one that saw the how to french kiss video on the related videos list on the side of the page?
  12. i always found it harder to follow a rut if i am looking right in front of me, looking ahead at the exit helps go much faster as evryone has already stated
  13. dont take it to am mx track without setting the suspension to your wait, obvious but cant be stressed enough. especially if ur comin off an 80, 250f suspension comes very stiff stock for lighter riders.
  14. Excellent info for the beginner jumper.
  15. exactly what i was thinking, cuz i noticed that bothered me too when i first got my 06