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  1. AussieTE

    What's the latest news on IMS 06 tanks?

    If you've got an 06 3.5 gallon tank this is what IMS use as their part number; 112415-N1. The N is for neutral color, the 05 tanks were part number 112413-N1.
  2. AussieTE

    What's the latest news on IMS 06 tanks?

    It's near the end of the month, is there any update on the tank situation.
  3. G'day all I'm sitting on the other side of the world waiting for an 06 3.5 gallon IMS tank. Has anyone in the US has an update on the expected release of them from IMS. Are we still looking at the end of this month? I'm hoping it's the end of the month!
  4. AussieTE

    Curb (Kerb?) weights of TE's

    Just to add my curve ball to this one, I weighed my 05 510 half a tank of fuel with the one wheel on bathroom scale one wheel on block same size as bathroom scale. Came up with 125Kg
  5. AussieTE

    IMS or Clarke tanks for 06?

    Why is it I don't get an answer like this from IMS, just the "ring next week" one. I could then tell the other guys in the order with me what to expect. March 30 is almost five weeks away.
  6. AussieTE

    IMS or Clarke tanks for 06?

    I've got 4 06 IMS tanks pre ordered for a few of us in Australia, order was placed on Feb 6th. I keep getting told by IMS, "ring next week we may have an idea by then". The weeks go by!