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    runs with choke on only

    Thanks for the responses....looks like I've got a project this weekend.
  2. crockett-orion

    runs with choke on only

    I have a 2001 wr250F and it was last I rode it, it ran fine. I go to start it the other day and it only runs with the choke on. I have no idle at all. I had no choice but to do the ride I was on with the choke on and it ran fine. When I had to hot start the bike the hot start did nothing and it wouldn't fire. I had the choke off and it would fire up when hot, but as soon as I gave it gas it would die, so I 'd have to fire itup and turn the choke on quickly. I replaced the plug and of course it was fouled rich. Put in a new plug and it only starts (and not easy) with the choke on. Help.