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  1. ice42

    Your best Husky Photos for 2009!!

    450cc Husky, Cedar Lake Indiana. Thanks to Hall's Husky in Springfiled for all the help.
  2. ice42

    Lets see some pics.

    cedar lake indiana on a husky 450cc
  3. ice42

    important oil!!!!!!!! help a brother out

    that's how far you can get with no oil in your bike before your trans locks up.
  4. ice42

    '09 WR250/WR300 Test Ride

    pincushion; not exactly sure where you are trying to get with your gearing but as a rule of thumb a smaller rear sprocket will give you more top speed as will a larger countershaft sprocket. if you are looking for mor egrunt, typically that will be either a larger rear sprocket or a smaller countershaft. for example iof you were going to the Springfield Mile you would want to put on your 43T rear (and a BIG MAIN JET), but if you were going to the slimey, tight enduro you would probably be better off with the 50T and a 3 teeth move in the rear (up or down) will have close to the same seat of the pants feel as a 1 tooth move in the front (down or up) if you want more "grunt" try a 50T rear.
  5. ice42

    '09 WR250/WR300 Test Ride

    if i am not mistaken the 6th gear in not simply on overdrive. the ratios throughout the gear box are different than the stock 5 speed. i maybe wrong but that was my impression. i do some enduros and while i agree 70 mph is faster than any of need to go to win races, there are times through the open sections that 6th gear will pull better. regarding gearing, i have the stock 48 tooth rear and it seems to be perfect. the kehin carb i am using has the Power Now inserts installed front and back (of the carb). tim/chicago
  6. ice42

    '09 WR250/WR300 Test Ride

    i have a new 300cc with a 6 speed and a flywheel weight. the guys at Hall's in springfield IL set it up. i never rode the bike with the 5 speed or without the flywheel weight so i don't have much to compare it with. I will say that the bike is VERY effective both in the tight stuff and across any corn field. the 300cc will run with anything out there. you won't lose a race becasue of the bike. We also switched the carb to a Kehin, after trying some different combinations with the stock mikuni, I found the Kehin to bolt on and work better acropss the whole power band. No experimenting required. I am a little worried about gas mileage. early results have not been good. Hall's has a big tank for it, but i am holding out. I installed the Handguards from Kelly at Motorsportz..... best and easiest handguards i have ever used... and that dates back to the beginning.. ENJOY see you in the cornfields. Tim /CHICAGO
  7. ice42

    kx 65 suspension

    hey, i have a 2001 kx 65 and need new fork and shock springs. the PU catalog has applications for 2002 and later.. seems like atlot of parts are for 2002 and later. does anyone know if 2002 and later fork and shock springs will work in a 2000-2001 kx 65? thanks alot tim/chicago
  8. thanks very much for your help..... tim
  9. hello, anyone know the K&N filter number or any aftermarket filter that will work on a 2004 XR 70? also for a emid 70's XR75 i am looking for the lower clutch cable bracket, that bolts to the frame/right side case. maybe 3+ inches? i have picked up a couple, thinking they are all the same but the ones i have are too short. i think i need one for an early (75-76) model. kind of looks like a spoon or a fishing lure with a hole in one end and a crimp in the other to hold the end of the clutch cable. thanks alot tim
  10. anybody know which pingel valves will fit a 2004 TE husky tank? how about a 2006 te tank (stock) thanks
  11. ice42

    what kind of gas are you using?

    thanks for all the info.....off to the races tim/chicago
  12. ice42

    what kind of gas are you using?

    there are so many different VP blends, has anyone used a specific blend from VP.... thanks tim
  13. well, the trusty Gas City's are switching their RACE FUEL pumps over to E85 ...that new corn-based fuel..anyway my source for reasonably priced race gas is drying up (northern illinois).....any recommendations? i am thinking of using VP, any opinions? for years it seems that Gas City was using union 76 race pump gas, about a year ago they switched to some ROCKET BLEND 100 octane ...now E85 i am running a TE250, that is stock...and i realize the 93 will work...(the manual recommends 98 octane (RON rated) - not sure how that relates to the minimum research (whatever it is) standard....but i have always used the race pump gas with really good luck, so i would like to continue with some kind of good, consistent fuel...VP? thanks tim
  14. ice42

    Akrapovic Exhaust Queston.

    Leo Vince in about a month of FBF now.......i think Hall's still has an FBF on the shelf, 2-day shipping you can have it by the weekend enjoy tim/chicago
  15. ice42

    06 TE 250 First Impressions

    yes, the 2004 CRD radiator guards bolt on a 2006 TE 250cc...however the 2004 mufflers do not.....i talked with the guys at Leo DeVinci (spelling?) and they will have a full titanium as well as a slip-on muffler for the 2006 TE 250cc in about a month. i think the only difference between the 2005 and the 2006 is that the 2005 is stainless and the new one is titanium. it will be marketed under their Enduro Sport Line...but they says it's a full race system. Early reports are that the full replacement system (at least the FBF one) makes a very noticeable difference (seat of the pants) in performance on the 2006 TE 250cc. enjoy tim/chicago