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  1. Is there a clog in the tank vent?
  2. wattner

    Xr 650 L subframe reinforcement

    I laid my frame on the ground, traced the frame on a piece of cardboard then trimmed it to fit. After that I had the pieces fabricated and welded on. Make sure you consider the battery box if you retain it, as the braces can get in the way. I then powder coated the frame. MCMA111 has some braces on cad I believe?
  3. wattner

    Xr 650l oversized tank

    Truly shows how opinions vary....I think the Acerbis tank is the ugliest thing I've ever seen to go on an "L" and like the IMS and Clarke tanks. To each his own
  4. wattner

    XR650L Front Fender Advice

    If memory serves, the XR400 fender works well and has the channel. It's a smidgen smaller than the "L" but keeps water off pretty good. I had one of these a few years ago with an Acerbis fender brace and it was good on the highway I need a new front for one of my "L"s and may pick one up again
  5. wattner

    when is honda going to remodel the xr650l ?

    Whenever it is mandated that all new street legal bikes have fuel injection... Until then, gotta build it!
  6. wattner

    Would You Buy It If You Had To Kick It?

    I've had dozens of bikes, many XR's and I'll not ever go back to kick only. I love the button, but understand if people want to kick. I have the Honda drill down and can kick just about any bike over, just don't want to anymore. On occasion my 525EXC's battery will die and I'll get along fine with kicking it, but...Give me the button! I have had my "L" battery die a couple of times and just try to park it on a hill or incline to bump her until I get a new battery, probably should add a kicker however I just get a new battery every year and keep them on a trickle charger. Cheap insurance
  7. wattner

    FCR on a 650L

    That would be awesome!!!! Do you have the jets, or should I order them up? Let me know how much for shipping?
  8. wattner

    FCR on a 650L

    Ok, Got the carb soaked in Pine-Sol for a day and a half, took the carb out and re-installed everything after carefully cleaning all of the bearings, rollers and installing all new o-rings and have a new gasket on the way. Since this motor is so built, any recommendation of extra jets to order to have on hand os when I begin tuning I don't have to wait on jets to show? Also, the O2 sensor showed, just awaiting the NOSS adapter and a few last minute carb parts and I can start getting her installed. Thanks again! Mike
  9. wattner

    FCR on a 650L

    Update: Ordered a 41FCR off of a 2008 SXF450 in great condition. It showed yesterday by has no Hot Start or TPS. I assume the missing TPS is not an issue, and I ordered up a hot start assembly. Received all of the jets as well. The O2 sensor was shipped a couple of days ago, so I'll be ready soon! Just awaiting the NOSS adapter and Hot Start. I'll take everything apart today and get the metal parts in a Pine-Sol soak for a day, then reassemble with new parts and saved rubber gaskets. It will give me a chance to inspect everything closely. I'm stoked here!
  10. wattner

    XR650L aftermarket shock options

    The Ricor shock I have is Billet and appears to be of excellent quality. I used it offered and it was a huge improvement over stock. If I didn't luck into an Ohlins, I'd use it no problem.
  11. wattner

    XR650L aftermarket shock options

    I have an Ohlins at Kyle racing that I used many years ago, back when Ohlins made them for the XR600...Dan said he has found a very similar shock off of another bike that he can modify to fit the "L", but he has been busy for many weeks, telling me to call back in a few days. In fact, I just spoke with him and he semi-promised a price on Tuesday. I'll check in and report. The Ricor shock is actually a really good shock, performs quite well. I have one that I used for a thousand miles or so, then fell upon another Ohlins, so the Ricor is laying on the shelf almost new. I'll let you try it out or sell it for a good deal if anyone may be interested. After Dan gets the new Ohlins sorted, I'll get a couple of those, then have 2 used Ohlins for sale... Good luck!
  12. wattner

    FCR on a 650L

    That was CW's idea... I had wanted a short stroke, high revving, high compression motor that could run on pump gas and do well on the highway. He could not find a crank out of a GB 500, so he made it(several I believe...) out of billet, along with the rod. He blueprinted and balanced everything to perfection, and even shaved a few pounds off of the flywheel. Additionally, he created a clover leaf head to change the squish band and allow for higher compression. He shot peened the cases, back cut the gears, added NX 2nd and 5th gears, modified the oil pump, fabricated the cam, lost the auto decompression release and many other things I've forgotten, I'm sure. I run 15/51 gearing and can swap to 14 for offroad if needed. It pulls like a freight train, revs to 11k (Not that I rev it that far...) and is velvet smooth. Virtually zero vibes anywhere up to 85 (I have Ohlins forks and I get front wheel wobble above 85...Still has 1/3 throttle or so left). He builds flat trackers and this is one of his favorite setups. He can go mild or wild, and I wanted a strong pulling, high revving engine that will last a long time. He hit it out of the park Once the Carb gets dialed in, it will be the absolute perfect bike for me. It does not rip like a 2 stroke, but has gobs of endless torque and power. Wheelie in all gears through 4th without the clutch. Could not be happier!
  13. wattner

    FCR on a 650L

  14. wattner

    FCR on a 650L

  15. wattner

    FCR on a 650L

    Thanks Brian! That is the O2 sensor I was looking at, although not off of Ebay...Save me a few bucks there... I have been looking for a few weeks on eBay for a good used carb and there are a few floating around for older models, but not many for 2007-2008, and if one pops up, it's missing parts or stupid expensive. Partzilla has new ones for what appears to be a decent price, so I'm going that route I think. There are several different models listed and they have different part numbers and prices...Any thoughts on why? There are differences in a few part numbers and none of them appear to have a choke assembly. The prices range from $456.00 to $525.00 Maybe just go with the '07 and call it a day? I think I have all of the different jets already, and I assume the throttle and cables will work off the Flat slide (Slant slide???) I'll get this ordered up in the next few days. Lastly, best source for XRL adapter? Thanks!!!