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  1. obrianmcc

    Bad decision to get new drz400s

    My 2006 E has just over 500 hrs with the engine never being opened up for anything other than valve checks and oil changes. Runs just as strong as the day I bought it. Cost per mile will be much lower on the Z
  2. My 06 with 13k miles doesn't burn a drop .... primary use - Dual Sport
  3. obrianmcc

    Random pics.

  4. The OBR ADV Gear High Basin has a detachable clear top map pocket that works well for phones and/or a GPS .... might be a bit larger than what your after?
  5. obrianmcc

    What are you putting on your racks?

    I use mine primarily for carrying extra fuel ... I fabricated a stand alone tray that I have the Rotopax mount attached to ... I can removed the extra fuel container (and mount) quickly when not needed and simply re-secure my tool pack, which is used to keep the fuel can secure when in use.
  6. obrianmcc

    Carrying extra fuel

    .... another thumbs up for Rotopax I actually have a separate sheetmetal plate that holds the Rotopax receiver. My tailbag holds the plate in place on the rack until I want to remove it ... it then simply lifts off.
  7. Nice trail fix ... the DRZ has pretty robust side panels, surprised to see it melted like that?
  8. Yes.... CS Nut Primary Nut Counter Balancer Nut Stator Bolts http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/215-drz400-faq/
  9. This year I ran the Pirelli XCMH's .... good tires, no complaints, but with mileage and performance similar to the Kenda TM II's ... I switched back over to save a little $$.
  10. obrianmcc

    Tank Talk: Acerbis/IMS/Clarke/Safari?

    I went with the Clarke 3.6 ... fit and function is good. My only complaint with Clarke is that they do not like to respond to email?
  11. obrianmcc

    Dualsport w/dirt bias: 15/47 gears best way to go?

    15/47 has been my gearing choice for the last couple of years.... a good compromise for commuting, dual sporting, and trail .... helps to maintain that Do It All reputation of the DRZ
  12. obrianmcc

    Cold Weather riding gear?

    Yes, the OBR Grip Mitts do require full wrap guards, either OEM or aftermarket ....
  13. obrianmcc

    Cold Weather riding gear?

    Just released .... http://www.obradvgear.com/index.php/products/enduro-grip-mitt
  14. S10 to Warm Lake Summit Yep, I'm still riding up the final stretch to the 7300ft Warm Lake Summit. I've driven this portion a number times and I'm kicking myself for not making this ride sooner. The road is a constant .....twist to turn .... as is Yin and Yang! Twist ... Turn ... looking back to Warm Lake ... Almost there ... Warm Lake Summit .... Which I'm sure is probably under a few ft of snow as a write this... I decide to make my turning point at the summit. Continuing on the road leads to Landmark, a sort of junction point of Johnson Creek to Yellow Pine, Landmark Rd south to Deadwood, and Burnt Log Rd leading to western edge of the Frank Church ... more DRZ appropriate roads to be explored another day. Heading back .... I retrace my path along Warm lake Rd back to Cascade, grab some fuel, and back down 55. Another great day of riding in Idaho!