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  1. idiot_on_426

    ktm parts really expensive?

    alright kool guys. thanks. ya im was asking about both oem and aftermarket. anything that i would generally replace as wear occurs and some mods. i do think that they are living in the past when they say things are more expensive.
  2. iv been telling some of my riding friends how i am super excited about getting a ktm this summer and it seems like every single one of them say the same thing. "the parts are not very available and are much more expensive than the jap parts". is this true?
  3. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    what kind of things do you need to do with the battery to keep it maintained? iv never had to with any other bike.
  4. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    hey guys, i have another concern and question. i have not searched for this topic but i figure i can just keep this thread open. i was talking with my buddies about how the sxf's only have an e-start and no back up kicker. has anyone had a problem with that where they got stuck bc of that? just a little concern because i do ride glamis and would hate to have a prob with the e-start in the middle of the dunes.
  5. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    wow, thats awesome. ya i know all about having to tweak the jetting on these bikes. well i shouldnt say i know because it seems like i can never get it right, but i do know what you mean. hey, have you heard about the tokyo mod? two of my uncles got it done. i thought it was like the zipty but its 300 bucks and i believe they do alot more work in there. like drilling stuff out bigger and adding things. i dont know exactly what but WOW is the power increase significant! i never thought a 450 would snap from dead idle like a 250 2-stroke or better. the response it uncomperable to anything. supposedly a 3-5 hp gain.
  6. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    when you say "to fix the jetting problem", is there really a problem with the jetting on this bike? or are you just saying for a carburated bike in general thats what you would do?
  7. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    sweet! ya i ride an 06 yzf450 too. its good to hear that the ktm is that much better out there. thanks
  8. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    yes it does help. im sold. i wanna try to find someone that owns one so i can ride it!!
  9. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    well, you are really starting to sell me on the 505. you have a lot of good input and knowledge on these bikes and i appreciate your help. now its just a matter of trying to find a left over somewhere because id love to get my hands on a new one.
  10. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    ok. thanks rookie517. ya im mostly at the track, so a bike that will run away from my buddies on the track would be what im mostly looking for because right now we are all very competetive with each other. and i figure a bike thats faster on the track will kill in the dunes too. but im guessing that the 450 and the 505 are beasts on the track so im still stuck in a decision. but that throttle response you mentioned on the 450 sounds better for the track.
  11. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    wow. thats very promising. thanks for that eastreich. the 505 sounds like a monster. i went to my local bike shop today to check these ktms out and they didnt have anything but one 07 450sx. i really wanted to see the 505. two things about the ktms bother me, the linkless shock and the steel frame. iv read others say that the shock is no biggy if you revalve. is that true? and the steel frame, is it heavy for the track or feel too old school? i am so used to the aluminum frames and such, i dont really want to go back to the feel of my 01 yz426
  12. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    kool. ya i agree with you on looking the nicest out of the bunch. very well put together bikes. but what about the 09 450sx? i know that there have been some nice improvements on this bike compared to 08. would an 08 505 still be worth getting over an o9 450? thanx for your input.
  13. idiot_on_426

    08 505sx vs 09 450sx

    hey guys, like many, ktm's are foreign to me and i have started researching them because this weekend i rode a buddys 09 450sxf and it felt a lot different than the crf and the yzf. it could have alot to do with the stearing stabalizer he had on it because it felt very rigid, if that makes sense. but i can easily adapt to stuff like that. what really caught my attention was the power delivery! everything that i have read so far is true about the power and the gearing. i also love the way they look, along with the little things like how easy it is to pop the air filter out. it also seems like ktm cuts out alot of clutter on their bikes. anyways, i would like to buy a new bike. i was all about the 09kx450, which would still be an option, but now i really like the ktms. the only riding i do is the track and about 3 glamis trips. so my main question after researching these ktms is what is better for my riding? the 08 505sx or the 09 450sx? id love to have that much more power than my buddies with the 505 but dont want it to feel way heavier either. they have 07 crfs and yzfs. input would really be appreciated. thanx
  14. iv been hearing from my friends that the works connection pro clutch perch assembly has a very good reputation and improves the softness of the pull. iv been pricing some assemblies out and have wondered if the asv clutch perch kit is just as good or better. the reason i ask is because i hear the works connection has a ball bearing inside to make it a easier pull or smoother. does anyone know if the asv has the same feature? its for a 01 yz426 if that matters.
  15. idiot_on_426

    01 yz426 clutch basket??

    i was examining my entire clutch because i am replacing the plates and springs and i noticed when i took the clutch basket out that something rattled a little. the only obvious thing to rattle on a clutch basket would be the springs embeded into the the back side of it. just one of them moves around a little and another, not as much. the rest are pretty tite in there. are those loose springs going to affect my bikes power, or cause it to slip? or is that normal?