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  1. well, i finally got time to get back to it. life is just too busy sometimes... it turned out to be the coil. while away for work, i ordered a ricks coil and cdi box, just to try. put the coil on and wahlah... runs great. put the cdi box on anyway. thanks for all the input! sad thing is i think i have to sell it now. i started this a year nad a half ago, and since, my balance just isn't what it use to be and i'm getting a little nervous on the road, with all the cell phone texters and whatnot... anyway thanks to all who input, that's what makes these forums so great!
  2. i'll try that this weekend. Thanks!
  3. yep, and the miss gets louder with higher rpms, just tried to be kind to the neeighbors. it's ALOT louder in person than the video. will check valve lash again when time permits (still moving). thats interesting about the wrist pin. i'll keep it in mind. thanks davidbogart!
  4. its funny, the bike is alot louder in real life. i might have to try the video again, just not wanting to piss off the new neighbors i will have to look in the manual and see if the cam chain is adjustable like my xr200. i will check the rocker/valve clearance again. no change with the airbox top off ,on the kickstand, didnt ride it though. the filter on the crankcase is just to keep dirt out. i know others running them and no effect. thanks for your input Horri
  5. here is the top of the airbox. the videos of the cutting out don't sound as bad as in real life, but it's at all throttle openings. the video of me turning down the idle, it to show the noise difference at a higher idle. videos huh... well, you can see them here http://s89.photobucket.com/user/unclejtl/library/xr600?sort=3&page=1 thanks.
  6. well, life got in the way last night, so no time to get pict or video or try to run without airbox lid. today I will be home by 4, so will do then. thanks for your input.
  7. filter is a UNI. i used the factory intake to "eliminate" problems.....
  8. i have checked , i beleive all those things, but will again. the first thing i did when i got it before starting it for the first time, was the valve adj. on that note, at idle, it's relatively quiet, a few rpm higher, it's alot noisier. this is my first 600 (my other xrs are 200 and 250) so i figured it might be normal... i dont have a way to read the rpms, so not sure of the point it gets noisier, but it's a sudden change. here is a pict i have of the airbox, but now it has a lid on it with a square hole in it. more picts later. i will remove the lid and see how it runs. here is a link to my album at photobucket of the "build" http://s89.photobucket.com/user/unclejtl/library/xr600?sort=3&page=1#/user/unclejtl/library/xr600?sort=3&page=1&_suid=1389646435202009149993415994351
  9. thanks for the input. i have rebuilt the carb and blown out all passages. i guess i really need to try and post a video. i will try in the next couple of days to do it. i will take the seat off and post more picts of the airbox. can a cdi go bad and the bike still run?
  10. well its been awhile, been selling one house buying another and moving, and all the crap that goes along with that, but i'm back at my problem child xr600. ok, so if everything ohms out, and it runs , do i assume the cdi is good? acording to the manual, you check the cdi by ohming out everything else. if the cdi is bad, will it just not run at all? my "cutting out" happens at any throttle opening. i don't even have to be riding it, it will do it in neutral on the kick stand. i did try removing half of the discs on the supertrapp, but no change. could it be my header? is it too big? not sure that would cause it to cut out, but maybe it has something to do with back pressure? i just don't have a couple hundred to take it to a shop right now. thanks
  11. .431k is 431 ohms just caught this. i wonder why my meter reads sometimes in ohms and sometimes in K ohms? appears the pulse generator is fine
  12. ok, i'll try adding another ground. thanks
  13. i didn't have time to video, but did check that the engine case had good continuity to the frame.
  14. i dont have a starter. except my right leg
  15. what would i be looking for? i will try to video it with my phone tonight and post on here. that might be a better discription of whats happening. i will try to figure out how to do that. thanks