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  1. she can handel the 230...im 14 and 5'1 and ride a 250...i think she can handel the 230 just fine!
  2. i have the one for my 06 its really really nice!!!!
  3. Post N The 85 Fourm U Tard!!!!!!!!!
  4. dude i am 5-1 and i ride a CRF 230 with ease.
  5. nice bike.......looks like a raceing machine
  6. undefinedhey i was wondering if anyone can tell me if a SX 125 is a good bike for a 14 yr old who is looking into starting to race??
  7. im sry for ya loos my prayers r with u and his family
  8. RIP.... my prayes r with u
  9. 1 year ago at Oak Hill Motocross track one of my friends bryson watson was coming up on a turn and cased a triple and lost his life. this ones for u Big B
  10. yea...he has a point about the cost of the renthals...but i still wolud chose the renthals over the moose sprokets.
  11. ya i am looking into geting a CR 85
  12. renthal.com mite have some places to look for a sprocket
  13. does anyone know some parts worth buying for the Honda CRF 80? thanx for the help
  14. Coracer15 we get your point who cares let the kid do wat he wants...
  15. i mite get a cr 85...is that a good move?