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  1. tcesar

    Damn Exhaust Dent, Anyone Know How To Fix?

    Maybe you could take it to one of those auto paintless dent removal guys that remove dents from cars. They might have some solutions for you... Good luck!
  2. tcesar

    WB's crankcase breather

    I got the same thing and installed it last week. It didn't seem to do anything (performance wise); however it did clean up tube clutter. I rigged mine a little different. Let's see what the experts post though...
  3. tcesar

    Bike Prep and Clean...

    Thanks! This is super info. I'm going incorporate some or all of the above. I knew you guys would know... Thanks!
  4. tcesar

    Kick starter hitting frame....

    Mine touches the footpeg at the bottom of the stroke... I noticed that the kick lever has a notch seemingly to expect that though...
  5. tcesar

    Bike Prep and Clean...

    Hello! After a ride: - Drain fuel from bowl - Hose down the bike (plugging the exhaust) - Wash with Simple Green - Wipe down the bike Before my next ride… - Change Trans Oil - Change Engine Oil - Clean Air Filter - Check and top-off Coolant - Check brake fluids - Clean, adjust, and lube chain - Lube fitments - All-around check… What else do you guys do? Also, how do you monitor & record your miles or hours? I want to setup a good routine for safety and bike longevity. Anything you can recommend would be super. Thanks in advance!
  6. tcesar

    '06 CRF250R Parts Book?

    Perfect, thanks so much!
  7. tcesar

    '06 CRF250R Parts Book?

    Hello All! I am searching for a paper or on-line parts book for my CRF250R (2006). Can anyone direct me? Thanks!