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  1. 600dirtbike

    RM 250 is it good for me.

    like we said no 11year old needs a 250 its to big, you wont even be able to kick it over. to get RM100 or somthing or a older Rm125 but even thats gonna be tall cuz you wont touch the ground.....stop talking and go ride the bikes. then post
  2. 600dirtbike

    RM 250 is it good for me.

    his 1st prob is he dont like 2 strokes....hey kiddy an RM250 is a 2 stroke...did you mean RM-Z250 4 stroke?
  3. 600dirtbike

    WR 250 OR WR 450 I cant decied

    why not just get a KDX200 2 stroke or a KTM 200
  4. 600dirtbike

    RM 250 is it good for me.

    ya need somthing like a XR200 or CRF230...you cant handle the power of a RM250 2 stroke let alone prob kick start it. at 5'2" you shouldnt even be on a RM125. RM80 big wheel or RM100 if you must stay with suzuki. you dont even touch the ground on a full sized MX bike or any full sized off road bike for that matter. i had a KX250 when i was 16... i went from a KX80 big wheel to a KX250. it was to much bike, but i was 125lbs 5'6"
  5. 600dirtbike

    xr200 Rear Pegs

    they do not make rear passenger pegs for the XR200R. on dual sports til the mids 80's they ran passenger pegs on the swig arm. i have a set for front pegs for the XR200R if you want to weld them on your swring arm or tap the swinger and bolt them on. PM me. come with springs, and all hardware to mount
  6. 600dirtbike

    Good vintage Bike?

    good bikes to restore. pre 1988 2stroke Honda CR125 1983-1988 2stroke Honda CR250 1983-1988 2stroke Honda CR450 1981 2stroke Honda CR480 1982-1983 2stroke Honda CR500 1984-1988 4stroke Honda XR200R 1984-1988 4stroke Honda XR250R 1984-1988 4stroke Honda XR350R 1983-1985 4stroke Honda XR500R 1983-1984 4stroke Honda XR600R 1985-1988 2stroke Yamaha DT175 1973-1977 2stroke Yamaha DT250 1983-1977 2stroke Yamaha DT360/400 1972-1977 4stroke Yamaha TT500 1975-1980 4stroke Yamaha TT600 1983-1986...i got 3 of these haha 2stroke Yamaha YZ125 1976-1988 2stroke Yamaha YZ250 1976-1988 2stroke Yamaha YZ400 1976-1979 2stroke Yamaha YZ465 1980-1981 2stroke Yamaha YZ490 1982-1988 2stroke Kawasaki KX125 1980-88 2stroke Kawasaki KX250 1980-88 2stroke Kawasaki KX420 1980-82 2stroke Kawasaki KX500 1983-88 2stroke Suzuki RM125 1976-88 2stroke Suzuki RM250 1976-88 2stroke Suzuki RM400 1976-80 2stroke Suzuki RM500 1981-84 2stroke maico's anything pre 1983 2stroke KTM's anything pre 1988 2stroke husqvarna's anything pre 1988...stay away from cagiva anything newer then older then 1973 can be hard to find parts, bikes and its gonna cost more then restoring somthing cooler from like 1976+ yamaha YZ's can be found al over the place form 76 on, tons of web sites that are making factory parts again! honda's are hard to get parts for later elsinors. RM's are ok, KX's forget it. stay with yamaha's YZ's anything 250/400/465/490 your gonna find tons of stuff. for a 4 stroke get a XR......tons of parts and good bikes. hope this helps
  7. 600dirtbike

    I hate people that...

    right on. id like a CRF230 myself, ive had XR200's. ive had MX bikes also. its funny street bike dont need new top ends every 20-30 hours...and i own a racing street bike. i think they design bikes to not last now. i mean if not you would make no money in parts right? id like to get another XR200 but like the full sizedish play bikes....after all 75% of us dont race, dont want to, and dont feel like droping $2,000 a year in parts. for most of us riding getting dirty jumping and feeling like a pro is all we are after. air cooled 4 strokes, best combo every. just get a blow up race bike put that motor in it and, bingo.....best of both worlds. no one dog's any of the true BBR race build bikes......just price is a issue, when most of us cna build somthing the same for less then 1000 bucks. XR200 motor or CRF230 motor in a older 125-250 2 stroke MX bike...i am in love..cuz i tried it once
  8. 600dirtbike

    ??? 2007 Crf150r ???

    2006 KX125 is still sold other places.....get your facts right before posting fake info. just cuz we dont have it anymore dont mean anything.
  9. 600dirtbike

    I hate people that...

    another reason you see this is when kids dont buy their own bikes....and your main reason for hearing it is because most of them saying it are dumb sh*t middle school kids thinking they know everything..... once you really learn a MX bike is junk after about 30 hours engine wise....and they need to pay to fix it all the time....those dumb a*s kids will be growing up and getting their a*s handed to them. stupid fricken highschool kids