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  1. i think its a great bike. a little heavy though. i beat on mine all the time. just do your regular maintanence and it will be a fun bike for you.
  2. some buddies and i took our 50's out there on sunday. we rode the trailhead on the east side of the lake. the trails are cool but way too sandy. we accidentally stumbled onto a pipeline and rode it for a couple of miles. i think that was the best part of the day because there were jumps about every 100 yards or so. my legs are still burning from all the whoops. i would definitly go back.
  3. is ride inside open yet?
  4. there's one in nacogdoches. about two hours from houston. their website is i havnt been there yet but we plan to soon. what part of h-town are you in, what kind of bike do you have? im in kingwood.