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  1. The Blue Trail Rider

    Warning for kickstarter disassembly '06 WR 450

    Hey Kepy, what are you doing kick starting that bike anyways? I have never kick started mine since I got it in November '05! That's what that grey button on your handle bars is for.
  2. The Blue Trail Rider

    2005 vs 2006 WR450

    I have an '06 WR 450 and there are some changes. The forks are now 48mm and that's new. It's not just an electronic ODO. It has Enduro functions and a race mode that is pretty powerful for a stock computer. I am racing enduros this season and it's been a help. The rear brake is completely different, and I believe the swing arm received some changes. There is nothing major that sticks out. A lot of little refinements. If you get a great deal on an '05, you're in great shape. It's a great bike too.
  3. The Blue Trail Rider

    Wr 450 Banging Rear Shock

    I had the very top bushing get worn out so bad it did the same thing. I would wiggle and shake and try to find where the slack was. If it is on the stand and there is any play, it's bushings. If there is not, it is just the top out because how much spring load you have on it. Check it though. I've seen bikes at the track bind up like Frostbites before. It's painful and expensive! Eric
  4. The Blue Trail Rider

    2001 WR 426 Kickstand

    I had an 01 WR 426 too and I did not like the stock stand. I eventually bought Pro Moto Billets "Kickit stand" and loved it. It is all aluminum and only weighs 750g. It has a high power spring internally and looks great. It just cost $160. A lot of money for a kick stand, but I was sad to see it go when I bought my 06 and sold the 426. I would have kept it, but they have changed so much now. Look into it, they're cool. Eric
  5. The Blue Trail Rider

    Raising Stock Handlebar 06 WR450

    Yes, that is a problem, not so much for anything but the clutch cable. The throttle and front brake line are fine, but you have to re-rout the clutch cable. On the right side of the bike, there is a part of the frame that acts as a guide. You have to disconnect the cable, pull it out of the routing and it will give you some more room. I'm glad I checked on the stand, because every hard left turn would have pulled my clutch in. Eric
  6. The Blue Trail Rider

    New Wheels

    I build wheels for racers and friends. You have a lot of options, and to have fun too. There is some bithin products out there now that can add performance. They look sick too! PM if you want to. I tell you all about it. Eric
  7. The Blue Trail Rider

    Raising Stock Handlebar 06 WR450

    I just ordered the BRP sub mount kit for my 06 WR 450. This is a triple clamp bar mounts pro taper bars and a scott damper. The unique thing is that the damper is located under the bars and the mounts rise 1" higher than stock. Then with all the choices for pro taper heights you can choose, you can compensate for desired bar position. Once you ride a bike with "the gold box" atop the bars, you will never want to ride with out one. Eric
  8. The Blue Trail Rider

    2005 WR450 Oil Strainer

    The guys are right, it tight for a reason. All I ever find is some occasional clutch fibers, but it is too big to catch anything else. Here's how I got mine loose. Get the oil line off and away from the area. I used a propane torch to heat the area. You just want to heat it, not burn the paint off. After warming the bolt, impact it. a quick impact and heat always does the trick. Also, Loctite releases at around 300 degrees F if you have problems with thread locker. Eric
  9. The Blue Trail Rider

    pivot works sucks

    I have been using Pivot Works products for over 7 years and always thought of them as a high quality parts provider. They were much better than stock on the old '98 YZ 400's and it's one year bad design swing arms assemblies. I have heard of some confusion as the '06 WR's received the healthy 48mm forks. I would consider this an isolated event due to having ordered over 30 sets of bearings and fork re-build kits.