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  1. jc1977

    HELP What bike should I buy my sister?

    I am 5'8" and I started with the Honda CRF 230, it was GREAT to start with. But then I out grew its power. If you think she might out grow the power quickly I would recomend going to a 250. I moved up to the Yamaha WR 250, I love it, and I don't think I will out grow the bike. I do have to say electric start is the greatest thing EVER, and if she is used to riding a quad then she should probobly get something electric start.
  2. jc1977

    Ladies, what are you riding?

    I currently ride a WR 250 I used to ride a CRF230, and KDX200 And the WR250 is by far the best of them all!!!