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  1. Supreme Wanker

    Help-450 Really hard to start

    My Z was a beeatch to start also...This might sound crazy but find compression at the top of the kickstart stroke and then slow down your kick...I kick mine over at half the speed and force that I used to, and it fires like a champ...If it hasn't been run in a little while, I hit the accelerator pump like 5-10 times before the first kick. Worked for me...Good luck If that doesn't work, try extremely harsh language...
  2. Supreme Wanker

    Ricky's whip on LaRocco's leap

    I'm not knocking Renner's whip's, but to see a dude throw that after a moto, against guys like Stewart/Reed/Windham, off a jump that makes some very respectable pros crap themselves??? RC is straight up foolish...I'm a friggin' sports addict (football, basketball, etc. I'm a sports encyclopedia), but I've never seen ANYONE dominate their sport the way RC does mx. Not Jordan, not Armstrong, not Gretzky, not Elway, NOBODY. His career is winding down...But what he did at Red Bud last weekend impressed the shit out of me.
  3. Supreme Wanker

    Ricky's whip on LaRocco's leap

    I'll bet you Robbie Renner and Billy Laninovich couldn't go that flat after 40 minutes of destroying the best riders on the planet. Agree?
  4. Supreme Wanker

    Sickest Whips, Pro or Personal

    I don't know...RC's whip in the second moto at Red Bud this year was borderline ridiculous. Especially considering he did it off Larocco's leap.
  5. Supreme Wanker

    Breakfast of champions!!!

    Nice pic, reminds me of my kids...But seriously, that is by far the best avatar I've ever seen...Well done.
  6. I made it through 1 min. 26 secs. through that vid...Can I have it back?
  7. Supreme Wanker

    Updated Oregon Dunes Vids

    We definitely want to ride on the beach, but I'm a little more interested in some bigger jumps. Any suggestions? Bear in mind I'm used to the Moses Lake sand dunes...Not bad but the biggest dune you'll find is about 20 feet.
  8. Supreme Wanker

    First ride on My RMZ450!!!!!!!!!!

    No way dude. RMZ's are way too much bike. I have an 05' and love it, so my recommendation would be to sell it to me immediately.
  9. Supreme Wanker

    Updated Oregon Dunes Vids

    Going there on Labor Day. Where is most of this filmed? Florence, Coos, Winchester?
  10. Supreme Wanker

    "B" riders clearing laraccos leap!

    Can anyone confirm...On Terrafirma 4 (I think), there's footage of RC clearing that jump on his KX125 when he rode for PC.
  11. Supreme Wanker

    What Is Going On With My Oil Level?

    I have to add about 1-200ml's every hour or two as well. Bought it brand new and probably was a little too antsy on the throttle the first two hours....Sound about right?
  12. Supreme Wanker

    '05 RM-Z450 oil level

    Just make sure you never talk bad about your RMZ anywhere near it...I told a dude that I was thinking about trading it in yesterday and wouldn't you know, I endoed off a 60ft tabletop last night at our local track, and now won't be riding for a couple weeks! Don't make this crucial mistake...
  13. Supreme Wanker

    Would you buy a used 05 RMZ450?

    I felt the transition was cake. The RMZ would have smoked my old KX, but that's obvious. Sounds crazy but my RMZ feels more agile, feels like I can throw it around a lot easier. It doesn't take half the effort to go fast on the RMZ, as the power is greater, yet a lot more manageable. Is it $2K better? I cleaned the air filter every 3 rides on the KX, check the tran fluid and rode. I change the oil, air cleaner, and oil filter every 2 rides in sand and 4 rides on dirt or hard pack on the RMZ. It's tedious, takes about 20+ minutes, but needs to be done. Bottom line, the RMZ is a better ride, but more of a pain (and more expensive, $13 filter, $9 per quart oil, and it will use oil) to maintain. For me the answer is no, but I don't race. I ride sand dunes and a home track. But I must admit, the RMZ absolutely owns sand dunes.
  14. Supreme Wanker

    Would you buy a used 05 RMZ450?

    I went from a 2000 KX250 to the 05' RMZ450. Not only was it an easy transition, it felt a lot easier to ride. Getting used to the power was no issue at all. My KX made low mid, and the RMZ makes similar power. Easy choice.
  15. Supreme Wanker

    RMZ450 Question

    I have thought about suspension...The thing is set as stiff as it will go. Landings, whoops, etc. are hard as a rock at the time. Obviously the stock suspension was made for lighter riders but it feels stiff as hell right now. If I send it off will they be able to make the suspension stronger as well as a better feel (softer) for a bigger rider? My 00' KX250 had been worked over by Racetech, and it seemed to be quite forgiving. Who would you recommend going through, P.C., Factory Connection, RG3,.....? Thanks