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  1. Delete
  2. I'd really like to know how the 12 works out.
  3. The people at Safari were nice enough to send me the instructions for the tank. A very complicated install. I'm going to stick with limited range.
  4. No wonder there are so many great Trials riders from Spain.
  5. Has anyone installed a Safari tank on their 70 degree? I'm wondering if you can remove it easily when you don't need the extra range.
  6. I bought a kit from Sicass Racing. Went together very easily and no need for a stator change.
  7. Mine is so much fun. Feels like a 2 stroke at anything over 10mph. Great EFI, handling and suspension. I made mine a dual sport with a Sicass kit.
  8. I have both bikes, the 07 450 EXC and the 10 FX 450. If you want a low first gear like the EXC, get the FE. My FX is a blast to ride, though I do miss that low gear. Mostly when I screwup.
  9. No. It has been a great clutch for me, since 1999 and 3 KTM's. Take it to an expert or switch to another bike.
  10. Haven't ridden a 449. My 450 FX is great.
  11. 10 FX 450 dual sport
  12. Don't do what I did. My wife got the call my new bike was ready...
  13. +1 These guys are great. They put together a kit for my Husaberg FX 450 which does not have a wiring harness and it worked perfectly.
  14. I guess cheap can mean different things to different people. Bill's in Salem OR is selling new 2011 WR 300's for under 6K. I prefer the KTM 300, but I have not seen them for that price.
  15. That really sucks. I wish KTM USA was still run by John Penton. As a kid I remember his brother going to dealers to fix bikes with bad ks shafts.