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  1. gvadney

    2011 fe450 fuel pump problem

  2. gvadney

    FX 450 Gearing, Sprockets

    I'd really like to know how the 12 works out.
  3. gvadney

    Safari Tank

    The people at Safari were nice enough to send me the instructions for the tank. A very complicated install. I'm going to stick with limited range.
  4. gvadney

    Husaberg FE450: Another day in paradise

    No wonder there are so many great Trials riders from Spain.
  5. gvadney

    Safari Tank

    Has anyone installed a Safari tank on their 70 degree? I'm wondering if you can remove it easily when you don't need the extra range.
  6. gvadney

    New Husaberg? FX or FE?

    I bought a kit from Sicass Racing. Went together very easily and no need for a stator change.
  7. gvadney

    2011 TE449 vs. 2010 Husaberg FX450

    Mine is so much fun. Feels like a 2 stroke at anything over 10mph. Great EFI, handling and suspension. I made mine a dual sport with a Sicass kit.
  8. gvadney

    New Husaberg? FX or FE?

    I have both bikes, the 07 450 EXC and the 10 FX 450. If you want a low first gear like the EXC, get the FE. My FX is a blast to ride, though I do miss that low gear. Mostly when I screwup.
  9. gvadney

    magura hydralic clutch problems

    No. It has been a great clutch for me, since 1999 and 3 KTM's. Take it to an expert or switch to another bike.
  10. gvadney

    2011 TE449 vs. 2010 Husaberg FX450

    Haven't ridden a 449. My 450 FX is great.
  11. gvadney

    Husaberg Thumper Talk Members! How Many Are There?

    10 FX 450 dual sport
  12. gvadney

    Gas Gas XC 300

    Don't do what I did. My wife got the call my new bike was ready...
  13. gvadney

    dual sport kits

    +1 These guys are great. They put together a kit for my Husaberg FX 450 which does not have a wiring harness and it worked perfectly.
  14. gvadney

    Gas Gas XC 300

    I guess cheap can mean different things to different people. Bill's in Salem OR is selling new 2011 WR 300's for under 6K. I prefer the KTM 300, but I have not seen them for that price.
  15. gvadney

    Husa FX450 no start

    That really sucks. I wish KTM USA was still run by John Penton. As a kid I remember his brother going to dealers to fix bikes with bad ks shafts.