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  1. Hey Jake I hear good stuff bout skull creek. Let me know if you got room for 1 more in the fall. Can't wait till fall, the heat is brutal at the moment.
  2. Rode this past Sat the 7th. My buds petered out so I gassed up and ventured out solo. Saw this group coming out of fence under a bridge that you had to turn your bars sideways to get through. I'm thinking hell yea, no fn quads. Off I go... This section was completely marked with fresh orange arrows. At mile marker 53.5, sun going down and running on fumes I had to break out through a fence on 373 north of the property. Rode south on 373 back to camp. Does anyone know what this section is?
  3. More good news. How many hours on yours. Hamp responded to a pm and recommended tranny polish and the stiffer detent spring if a prob arises.
  4. A little follow-up report: I flushed the motor, new cam chain, replaced the auto-decomp spring, checked valves, (haven't moved), checked cylinder (looks great), filled with distilled and wetter to just above the fins (not one boil since) and got rid of my flexx bars for the original tapers (no more pump). I got the starting drill down now (thanks guys ). It starts so easily now that I no longer worry about a stall. When hot, crack the throttle just a bit and one kick; boom. I've put about 7 hours on her since I last wrote. I raced it in a local Iron Man 100 and she performed well. The more I ride it, the more I like it. The faster I go the lighter it feels. I've been going back and forth between it and my 07 2T setup for woods with smart performance. On the track the 2T is crazy for me and 450 is perfect. In the trees it's been the opposite; until this past weekend. While of course it takes a bit more to move it; it just feels better at speed. Hittin the dunes next month, can't wait! Thanks again to all that helped.
  5. I think its the mod that's the Travis mentioned. How many hours do you and your bud have? Man this is good to hear. I'm really wanting to try the zook. Your 10' has a 290 in it? Talked to a "reputable" tuner earlier today who specializes in YZ's, totally steered me from the zook b/c YZ's do so much better with big-bore kits and also that Athena doesn't have a kit for the 10 rmz??? I see you're a torn guy here in my neck of the woods. You're not Curtis K., the guy that runs the outfit are you? He's a top-notch guy. Thanks to all for the replies.
  6. Yeah, at this point I'm less concerned about a big bore and making it faster; just stating a long-term goal for the purchase of any 250F. You're prob right, with a reported 38 hp stock, shouldn't have a need. Real concern is the false neutral. I never ever think of shifting with my YZ's; up / down, with / without clutch. I'm even willing to make a conscious effort at shifting for the rmz. What I can't deal with is jumping out of gear. You mentioned the detent spring from the 450. Which year rmz? Has your rmz ever jumped out of gear?
  7. Been a member since 06, mainly lurk and as a YZ owner hang out primarily in those forums. I've owned 125's, 250's, a 426, 450's and 250F's. I've mainly owned YZ's with the exception of a Kawi 250F and a Honda 450. My current rides are an 07 YZ 250 2T (woods setup with Smart Performance) and a 10 YZ 450 (stock). 250 is set up for the trees and the 450 is for the tracks. Problem with going from one to the other is that I'm becoming the jack of all trades and master of none. My 06 YZ 250F was grossly underpowered and I could never get comfortable with the layout / ergo / suspension on my 07 Kawi 250F. With current horsepower of the 250F's being what they are and the Zook being EFI and the best handler (of course ), I'm interested. My eventual plan is to big bore, pipe, port, and tune to get my "one size fits all" bike for woods or track. I'd like to start with a good base / platform, hence my idea to get the Zook. I don't like Honda's, can't get comfortable on the Kawi, KTM is out of the question and Yamaha is a dead end in its current state. I have an opportunity to pick up a low hour, well taken care of 10 RMZ 250. Here is my question (I know, finally )... I've read lots about false neutrals and its hit or miss if the bike will have it. I've read posts from TT and other googled sources and I mostly see complaints but not solutions. I'm looking for two things; cures for the false neutral (besides adjusting the shifter) and long term reports. Thanks all for reading and all that responded to my pm's.
  8. Yeah, his crank theory won't stop me from riding. If it goes it goes. I usually do my own work but he owed me, so let him bust his knuckles. Yeah here's the title of my ad on ebay; "2010 YZ450, my crank was yanked". Good point, but I checked and the bike never smokes.
  9. I agree. Although the Cali guy isn't trying to get money out of me b/c he's not doing the work; I agree with your point. He's giving his "race mechanic" opinion. His crank theory sounds a lil excessive to me. Of course there are better oils; I ran rotella in the last few non 2t bikes with zero issues. He also used his crank theory to explain the hard to start when hot issue. I haven't tried you and another poster's starting suggestion but can't wait to give it a try. I hate when a negative possibility gets planted in the brain. I know anything is possible, but you think the crank theory is going in the wrong direction?
  10. Remember I said nothing unusual was found; well I may have spoken to soon. The mechanic that handles the things I either cannot or choose not to followed up with a team mechanic out of Cali that wrenches for Kyle Cunningham. I'm not a name-dropper, hell I'd never heard of the kid even though he's from my neck of the woods. Just relaying the info that my guy thought Cali guy would be a good source of info as this is the model they run. I digress... He echoed Bretn's opinion that this particular model puts the oil "through the ringer" and turning black is not a red flag. I made the mistake of mentioning I'd run Rotella which of course was a no no. Wants me to run something thinner and stay away from "diesel oil". Never mind that the good stuff smokes just as fast. What is a red flag is what appears to be premature wear on my cylinder. While you can't feel the groove / imperfection, you can see it. His opinion was that my crank sounds like the culprit. Huh? Of course he changes the team cranks at a ridiculously low hour mark; he was of the opinion that with my estimated 60 hours, I'm overdue. ***? I rode a used 426 everywhere without knowing what the hell thumpertalk or a shim ever was. I changed my oil and cleaned my filter religiously as I do this bike and never had one problem. Now my pampered 10' supposedly needs a crank?
  11. Clutch is within spec, isn't grabby and it's not slipping. Good guess though. It was the first place I looked. I read a similar article where many shared this opinion. I've never broken any of my bikes in that way. This bike was broken in with three heat cycles (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 throttle)
  12. Yep, something is definitely askew I appreciate the help and will report back on my findings.
  13. Findings after inspection: valves - perfect timing - perfect cylinder - smooth as butter no signs of excessive heat anywhere plug - soaking wet and dark top of piston - spoogey GYTR tuner on order
  14. Thanks for the tips. I'll try those too. Zero issues when cold. I'm doing the slight throttle crack and vary use of the CS knob; its only when hot that I have an issue. I've used Amsoil and it too is black and thin after a short time. I've had 426's, 250f's and 450's; this is the only one that's had either issue.
  15. Thanks gray, I read those posts about the temp but I'm in TX and the so far the coldest I've ridden is 50 degrees. I don't suspect rings either as there is zero smoking. Agree about the oil; one of the reasons I stopped using Rotella. Temp strips are on order and I'll get a good look at valves and cylinder in the am.
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