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  1. motorjock

    Another Hot start lever question....

    nevermind.....found thread about it
  2. I have a 2002 yz 426f. Will any factory hot start systems from another bike, like a 450, fit my bike? bought the Dr. D system and have to send it back due to the aluminium threads that connect to the carb were junk.
  3. is it difficult to install the dr. d hot start kit? the hot start is at the carb right now, and would like to buy the kit to have the lever for the right thumb?
  4. motorjock

    What about brake rotors?

    Can the rear brake rotor be turned any, or do you have to just replace it? Any recommendations on which one to buy
  5. motorjock

    types of Chains....?

    will an aluminum sprok be ok for trail riding?
  6. motorjock

    types of Chains....?

    Ok.....going to replace chain and sprockets on 2003 drz 400e. I know its a 520 and 112 length....thats what the book says. But....can anyone give a brief explanation of the diff types of chains...ie....er mx, ert 2, erv o-ring, x ring....blah blah blah. pretty sure i just want to get an o-ring chain 520/112, but any suggestion on which to buy, and are the combo kits good? thanks
  7. motorjock

    DRZ S/E headlight question

    I have a 2003 drz e. Will the light bulb from a drz s fit into my headlight assembly of my drz e? Or if i buy the headlight assembly for a drz s will it fit into the plastic of my drz e? Im making my drz e strret legal, and was wanting to use the original plastic.
  8. motorjock

    trailtech speedo question

    Has anyone had probs with mud or water interfering with the sensor on the vapor? going to put one on my E.
  9. become a cop.....go into the motorcycle unit. getting paid to ride ...in my case a harley.....is a great job!
  10. (sorry..... i know we get these alot....cant really find what im looking for) first off: 2003 drz 400 e, snorkel out, and procircut slip on.......even went with a 13t front spocket I've bought the james dean jetting kit. Going to colorado and will be riding above 9,000 ft. will the recommendation of a 155 main and red needle on 4th clip give me enough power to climb hard or will it bog on low end ( i know i will have some). I was running a 140 main and stock needle on the 3rd position in new mexico....8,000 to 11,000.... seemed to work ok, but not enough low end get up and go.....especially when you need to pop the wheel over rocks and trees, or steep inclines. any suggestions? ive posted in the jetting forum too. I'm a little impatient, trying to get bike ready to go.....thanks tho
  11. motorjock

    Colorado jetting question

    The needle i am using is the stock needle, i just bought the 140 main jet.
  12. I have a 2003 DRZ 400 E, removed snorkel, and a procircut slip on. Im taking a trip to Colorado and riding around 9,000 to 12,000 feet. Right now i am using (and have used in the past) a 140 main jet and the needle on the 3rd clip. Last time it felt like it didnt have much power on take off, ran fine otherwise. I have the james dean kit, but seeing a couple of these post made me think his smallest jet was a little big for that altitude. what would be the best way to go on this? thanks
  13. motorjock

    Adding a kick start kit to an E

    this is where i got mine http://www.oneidasuzuki.com/store/cycle/suzuki-dr/ took about 4 hours for me...little slow, had probs keeping the clutch basket still while i tried to tighten the bolt. Make sure to read the instructions and look at that webb site of Cobbs. In his pict he didnt put that he installed the 'stopper' or something at the first of installation. good luck. mine works great and bike kicks off on first or second kick
  14. I know you guys prob get this alot, but im thinking of going from an 03 drz 400e to a ktm 450 exc or 525 exc. I ride about 99% trails, oklahoma, arkansas, colorado and new mexico...wide range. I like the idea of the 07's being street legal to get to some of the trail heads. Which bike would you guys suggest? Any particulars that stick out that i need to look for when shopping. any suggestions would be great, especially due to the nice chunk of change that will be spent!
  15. motorjock

    Colordo Question.....mnt Elbert

    thats not near lake city is it?