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  1. Ah yes. That ride was short but sweet! It made making the trek out there worth it.
  2. California

    Cool vids! I practically learned to ride there. Haven't been in too long. All of the other places I have ridden since just don't compare.
  3. California

    I thought a plate was needed for the entire area except Wildomar? As a side note, I went up to Holy Jim Canyon Rd in my truck this morning to hike to the falls. Saw two girls trying to take their bmw 3 series up Trabuco Canyon Rd. Asked if they were ok. They said they were fine. Do my hike and come down Trabuco over an hour later to see them stuck in some mud. I am surprised they made it as far as they did.
  4. California

    Narrowed it down to Racetown 395, Stoddard Wells or Johnson Valley so far. Leaning towards Stoddard Wells over Johnson Valley though.
  5. California

    Bummer. I may do a day ride in the desert this weekend instead.
  6. California

    rsvp in!
  7. Tell me if this makes sense. I buy a vehicle new from the dealer. I pay sales tax. I turn around and sell it right away and sell it for the price I paid + sales tax. Now the next guy has to pay base + sales tax + sales tax. That is a double tax. Dishonest or not, declare whatever you want, the gov already got their share.
  8. If you get the tire spoon / axle nut wrench combos make sure to try them out before hitting the trail. I used one on my front axle only to find out it didn't fit! The size is correct but it interferes with the brake cable guide. BTW, this is on a '03 YZ250F but other bikes are sure to have the same issue. Hmmm... what to do? Carry a slimmer wrench and throw away my $30? File down the outside of the wrench and possibly weaken it? File down the overzealous brake cable guide? Bingo! Don't forget to round out the edge. We don't want to be cutting fingers or cables now. I am sure glad I found this out before needing it on the trail!
  9. repost: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=864955
  10. Some awesome pics from this years Dakar Rally. Enjoy. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/01/dakar_rally_2010.html
  11. California

    Not sure yet. I'm very last minute. Would like to do a multi day thing but Anaheim II is that weekend. -Rob
  12. California

    This reminds me of the scene where Pastrana base jumps into the grand canyon and almost doesn't open his chute in time. Travis Pastrana - as bad as it went, it couldn't have gone any better... for that situation Jeremy Rawle (Pastrana's Lawyer) - when it decided to go bad, it went well... as far as bad goes
  13. California

    Drop a pocket?
  14. California

    Ooops. I have tried this method and it didn't work out very well for an incomplete stop. Apparently the prosecution gets to see your written declaration yet you do not get to see theirs??? When I got the results back it basically said I was found guilty anyway w/o much or any explanation. There was no evidence that it was even looked at by anyone other than a judge. One benefit though is that if found guilty through trial by dec. you can still contest in court. Where if you are found guilty in court, too bad, no second chance. -Rob