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  1. Made by Star Wars, Storm Trooper model.
  2. MIxr650r

    Michigan Riders With Questions

    Hmm that’s weird Thanks for trying. Can you pm me?
  3. MIxr650r

    Where to ride

    Hello to my Colorado friends. Contemplating a last second trip out next week to do some riding. Looking for suggestions on where to ride forest roads and Jeep trails. No single track or super technical stuff. I’m thinking of staying near Walden north of Buff Pass (we snowmobile a lot out west), but I just don’t know how it works out there. Is it like here in Michigan? Grab a MVUM and go? We’re both riding legal/ plated bikes. 690 Enduro r and a EXC-F. Any input with be much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. MIxr650r

    First time I ever broke a handlebar

    That’s awesome! You should get the old 10 speed style handle bars to help avoid that in the future!
  5. MIxr650r

    Camping and Riding

    PM me. I have a place in Cadillac Michigan.
  6. MIxr650r

    New to me DRZ 400 in W-MI

    2003 DRZ 400E is ELECTRIC start only- no kick start. My buddy bought one brand new in 2004, still has it. The “E” in DRZ 400E means electric start. Hope this helps.
  7. MIxr650r

    SW Michigan Dualsporters?

    Nice bike! Lol
  8. Ride it through a huge mud hole and have fun. You’ll forget about that little stuff and the mud will help hide it. lol.
  9. All for the coolness factor. LMFAO. LOLOL
  10. So it’s my first service interval and time to change the small in-line fuel screen. Read about it here, googled videos etc. I couldn’t bring myself to remove the air box etc., especially after seeing how big of a PITA is was to get out. So I started carefully looking around and this is what I came up with... Remove ECM, unplug air box sensor, remove battery, battery tray and left side panel (so you can get your fingers underneath the fuel coupler to manipulate it from the frame side), remove the small screw from the metal/ rubber clamp that is holding the fuel supply line to the frame. The only two major PITA’s are- 1) The silver tab/ button on the hydraulic style fuel coupler (that contains the fuel screen) is positioned facing the air box so it’s hard to get to. I used a small but long screwdriver to reach in and depress the tab, uncoupling the fitting. 2) The very small screw that holds the metal/ rubber fuel line clamp to the frame sucks donkey balls, but I used a socket swivel and T bit to make it not so bad. This entire process took me 15 mins- no joke. And I have fat hands- if you have midget hands it will be way easier. It took me longer to get it back together because of my ADHD and fear that I had the gas tank vent line routed incorrectly. Lol. I’m not a mechanic so preceded at your own risk!! Good luck.
  11. MIxr650r

    Need some help

    Shit maybe I’ll come out there!!
  12. MIxr650r

    Need some help

    We’re riding the GLDS Upper Penn expedition the week after Labor Day if you’re interested.