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  1. Talk1443322335.552810.jpg] 140 miles today. From the cabin at lake Mitchell to caberfae via snow trails. Then to north river road (pine river) to low bridge. To Dublin for zip ties. Then to Keleva after being stopped by the sheriff (they were cool- no tickets). Ate in Keleva at the tavern. All were still feeling good after dinner so we bombed the rr grade to Copemish just because we could. Then we took the old grade back into Mesik and had a pop at the Buck Snort (yes it's open again!). Then Torr took the reins and lead us up to the old Briar hill ski jump (he grew up next door to it/ parents still there). Then we bombed the dirt roads back to the cabin, chasing the day light. Awesome ride all in all. I'll post the next time we go if anyone might be interested.
  2. Awesome ride today Torr!! Text you next week for the next one.
  3. Awesome!! I sent u a pm with my number.
  4. Michigan

    Milford!! Have a place in Cadillac!!
  5. Are you plated?
  6. Been away for some time because of young children. Finally getting back into it after a 5 year pause. Lol. Me and a buddy are going up to my place Friday morning in Cadillac to ride for the weekend. No destinations planned. You will need a plated bike with orv and trail sticker. If anyone is interested pm me and I'll get you my number. I have plenty of room for people to stay. We will do day rides and return to my place in the evenings. We're not big on single track so if you come along plan on mostly 2 track fire roads. I'm thinking pine river road, udell hills look out tower, the Mesic school forest, abandoned rr grade to copemish.....?? I spent several years riding these areas and know them pretty well. Let me know, and keep the rubber side down!! Aaron
  7. Thanks for clearing that up for us. Hope to see some of you in September.
  8. Hope I'm not hijacking this post, but a group of us that ride a 1200 mile loop in the Upper Penn of Michigan every September are thinking of going to Canada instead this year. We all ride street legal dirt bikes (high/low head light, horn, brake light etc.). All of us have Michigan drivers licenses' with cycle endorsements. Michigan road license plates on our bikes. All of us have at least PLPD insurance. Can we ride on the trails and on the roads in Canada? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but after all of the reading on the subject I am very confused. Also, we were thinking of riding across the border at Sault Ste. Marie into Canada so If anyone has any recommendations on where to ride it would be great. Thanks for your help.
  9. Me and 2 buddies were riding the Udell Hills area Saturday (8-22) and ran into 4 guys on Suzuki's a couple times. Was wondering if you guys ride the area often? I have a cabin in Wellston and am always looking for new guy's to ride with. Drop me a line if you guys are intrested.
  10. I will be up at the cabin on Friday 6/27 to Monday 6/29, riding forest roads and trails in the Wellston, Baldwin, Kaleva and Mesik area's. Anyone intrested in going along send me a PM. You're going to have to have a plated bike to come along. We should have 4 people so far for the ride.
  11. What are you riding? If it has a license plate you can ride in the Manistee National Forest on the forest roads. West of Cadillac and south of 115 (Mesik) is awesome. As is the entire area around M-37 and M-55 (Wellston-Irons-Baldwin). Of course you need to have a plate to ride these forest roads. If you don't have a plate then you have to ride the litte "o" trail system. Double check that because the little "o" and big "o" trails are right next to each other and you need a plate for one of them (anyone know?) and I'm really not sure which one. At any rate both of these trail systems are located off of M-37 between Baldwin and Wolf lake. Both of these are very sandy. Check out my ride posting for this area on June 27-29. There will be a few of us up in this area riding and it will be a good time, you will need a plate however.
  12. I will be up at the cabin on Friday 6/6 to Monday 6/9, riding forest roads and trails in the Wellston, Baldwin, Kaleva and Mesik area. Anyone intrested in going along send me a PM. You're going to have to have a plated bike to come along. So far it will be just me and my cousin. We're not crazy fast but do like to have fun.
  13. I like it fellas, I'm definitely going to try the sand or bb's and then go from there.
  14. I have checked often with the USDA Forest Service web site, but because the Manistee portion is still "in progress", information is very limited, mostly to rumors. That is why I'm putting the question out here.