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  1. 1BadHusker

    CRF450R and CRF450X Differences

    450X does great at the MX track. This is a pic of my brother in law(combattalon2) hitting a triple at Thunder Valley MX in Lakewood Colorado.
  2. 1BadHusker

    New Rider Question

    My Stature is very similiar to yours (6'1", 245 lbs) and I am also fairly new to the world of dirtbikes. I have ridden ATVs since I was a kid, but the KLX300 is my first true full size dirtbike. I absolutely love this bike. It has enough power to haul a big guy around very well, and it's also tame enough that it isn't going to buck you off or get away from you as a beginner. I think this bike is a great compromise between the really cheap and gutless 250cc bikes like the XR, DR, and TT-R and the full blown race bikes like the WR's and the CRFX. I bought my bike as a brand new carry-over 05, and the dealership had already put a Pro Circuit pipe, jet kit, and some Renthal Fatbars on it prior to my purchase(just for point of reference to the purchase price on your 2002, I paid $4300 for a brand new one with mods already on it). I have since pulled the airbox lid and done the crank vent mod. It runs very well, and is totally different from a bone stock KLX. Don't plan on getting into any drag races with anything, but you will find it's power is always there when you need it and it is very forgiving. I have a good friend with an XR400, and if we decide to drag race down the road on the way to the trails we will pretty much swap wins back and forth. All in all, I love this bike and am very happy with my purchase. I've always been a Kawie fan so I am glad they make a motorcycle that fits me and my needs so well.
  3. 1BadHusker

    Throttle Tube ??

    I am wanting to get a set of the ODI locking grips (ODI Powersports), but they do not have a set available with a throttle tube that fits the KLX300. I believe that I have read that the XR throttle tube is interchangeable with the KLX. I wanted to check on here to see if ayone can confirm or deny the XR throttle compatability prior to me ordering a set of these grips. Thanks!
  4. 1BadHusker

    Slip on exhaust HMF

    You're talking to HMF Engineering and telling them they should put a FMF pipe on???? I'm thrilled to see HMF working with the little 250. They are one of the most respected names there is when it comes to ATV performance. They have done quite a bit of work with FCR mods to TRX450R's, and I could see them developing a FCR kit for the 250. Well, how about it ohiomotoxer, do you think we will see a headpipe from HMF and possibly a FCR kit?
  5. 1BadHusker

    New member.........

    I'm not a big fan of the Supermoto exhausts that run under the bike like that. I'm not sure if you ever plan on off-roading the bike, but that exhaust would render the bike useless on trails. IMHO, Muzzys www.muzzys.com has the best looking exhaust for the KLX. The dealer had already installed Pro Circuit on mine prior to me purchasing it, otherwise I'd have a Muzzys system of mine.
  6. 1BadHusker

    KLX300 Throttle Options

    It's a brand new '05 carry-over that I just took delivery of two months ago. I was never happy with the throttle, so I took it apart and lubed the nylon guides the cables run in and the cables as well two days ago. The Motion Pro and other similar throttles have a guide that rotates with the cable instead of having them run in these stationary nylon guides. I also waxed my handlebar under the throttle tube thinking that may be the problem. To me, the stock throttle appears to be very cheap. I could try an aluminum tube, but I don't think that would help either.
  7. I am not a fan of the stock throttle on my KLX, it doesn't feel smooth at all. I was wondering if a push-pull throttle was needed, or if a single cable throttle could be used. I'd like to put a Motion Pro Whirlpull style throttle on the bike, but all of the aftermarket throttles are for single cable setups.
  8. 1BadHusker

    New member.........

    As KLXFOOL stated, the KLX300 side panels are a direct fit and they are available from Maier. The link he listed didn't work, so here is a direct link to the page with KLX300 products. Maier KLX300 Parts
  9. 1BadHusker

    New member.........

    WOW! I love the plastic from the Japanese web site! How did you figure out the pricing in USD? Are those products even available in the US? I had dreams of street-legalizing my KLX300 and buying SuperMoto trim for it. The Nebraska DMV shut that dream down for me, and now those pics have me contemplating trading my KLX300 in for a KLX250 just so I have a damn street legal title!
  10. 1BadHusker


    I've got a stock '05 with nothing but the free upgrades and a Pro Circuit slip-on. My bike wheelies pretty effortlessly. Just crack that throttle open somewhere in the lower gears and the front end should lift fairly effortlessly. If you haven't done the free mods, go to Planet KLX asap and get them done!!
  11. 1BadHusker

    Street Legal KLX300

    Well, I had a depressing conversation with the wonderful people over at the DMV. After being transferred about 4 times through people that had no idea what I was talking about, I finally spoke with a lady that told me the State of Nebraska will not title a vehicle as street legal, regardless of modifications, if the MSO indicates "off road use only." She told me that if the bike was titled as street legal in another state, then that street legal title could be transferred to Nebraska, but that is the only way to get my KLX legal So, I guess my dreams of the street legal KLX are pretty much dashed as long as I am living in the great state of Nebraska....
  12. 1BadHusker

    Street Legal KLX300

    Great Info! What did you have to go through with your DMV to get the bike plated? The Nebraska DMV website says that they will not plate any bike that came from the factory with "for offroad use only" designation. I am going to give them a call and see if I can even get the KLX legal here in my state.
  13. 1BadHusker

    Street Legal KLX300

    I have been looking around at kits to make my KLX300 street legal as I like the idea of being able to ride to the trails, and occasionally ride to work when the weather is nice. I am looking for suggestions from people that have also done this conversion. First off is tires. I plan on using the bike for mostly dirt riding, but I want a tire that will be comfortable for an occasional 8-10 mile jaunt on the pavement. Next is lighting options. I have been looking at the kits from Baja Designs and DRC Products. The DRC kit is quite a bit cheaper, but it looks like it runs off of a battery pack. Does anyone here have any experience with the DRC kits? Here is a link to the DRC wiring harness, and they also have some nice looking turn signal and taillamp options. DRC Products I have also been looking at spedometers, and have that narrowed down to the Baja Designs analog one that would use the stock odometer cable, and one of the Trail Tech endurance kits. Any input is appreciated, Thanks!
  14. 1BadHusker

    Newbie Here

    I didn't buy this bike with any intentions of it being a motocrosser, if I would have wanted a motocrosser I would have bought the KX250F. 90% of my riding is just casual trail riding with a jump thrown in here and there for good measure. I guess if this KLX can't take the same jumps as my old 500 lbs KFX700 quad, then I may have purchased the wrong bike. Most of the free mods were completed by my dealer--I know they modded the carb slide when they rejetted it from adding the Pro Circuit slip on. I can't complain about how it runs, it will hang on an XR400 pretty dang good for giving up 100 cc to it.
  15. 1BadHusker

    Newbie Here

    Hello all, Just want to introduce myself as I am new to Thumper Talk and new to the world of motorcycles. I have been an avid sport quad rider for the last 12 years and decided to take on a new challenge. I have owned several high-performance ATV's over the years and have fallen in love with the sand dunes and trail riding. I just recently purchased a 2005 KLX300 that I found at the local dealer as a brand new carry-over. I have always been a fan of green. The very first ATV I ever put a leg over was an old school Tecate 3, and I just recently sold a KFX700. My love for green combined with the sweet deal I got lead me to this KLX300. I ended up getting this '05 out the door for MSRP after paying 7% sales tax and adding the Pro Circuit slip-on and the Renthal Fatbars. I have had it out for one ride, and that ride put me in the emergency room!! I went to a familiar riding spot, hit a jump that I had hit a hundred times on my quads, and learned that given the same speed, a motorcycle will fly A LOT further than a quad! I have a lot to learn, and I also have a lot of bad habits to break that were aquired from riding quads for so many years. I am taking the bike out for the first ride since the accident today. Luckily, I wasn't seriously injured and the bike received nothing more than scratches. Here is a pic of my newly aquired KLX!