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  1. it is a 125cc. everything stock for now... 12"- 10" wheels. I believe it is a thumpstar copy...
  2. Hi! Last tuesday I have collided against a huge rock that was hidden behind some vegetation... The impact was very strong on my right foot peg. This was the result. http://www.freefotolog.net/baracus Can anyone help out with some solutions to get it to the inicial position? is it possible to bend it back, maybe with some heat applied to it? thanks!
  3. this site is very helpfull! on every issues... THANKS!
  4. I bought it here in Portugal. There aren't much people selling these, so it can cost 1750 €, at the moment. Can somebody confirm this bike as beeing a thumpstar copy?
  5. Hi! I'm just a starter. Had never ride a bike until I bought this one. I don't know much about mechanics, and bike maintenance, so I'm posting some pics to ask you what do you think about it. I believe it's a thumpstar copy, not shure. My first problem was in the chain. I guess I was tightening it too much, and it destroyed the plastic protection that came in the swingarm. then I got this huge piece of nylon. Opinions are welcome! thank you! (sorry about the english...)