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  1. nic223

    Polishing frame

    You may want to pick up a can of "Never-Dull" at the autoparts store as well. I used it and mothers on the aluminum on my snowmobile and it came out great.
  2. nic223

    Hesitation on XR 250

    I'm having a hesitation problem on my wifes Xr 250. When you are at mid to full trottle the bike hesitates and boggs down. I have ridden 2 other XR 250's and they do the same thing. We are riding at 2700 ft, I don't know if that slight elevation would make a difference or not.
  3. nic223

    04 crf 450 jetting 2700 ft

    Thanks guys. I will try it and let you know
  4. What jetting should I run for an 04 crf 450 at 2700 ft. Stock pipe and filter.
  5. nic223

    450 handling

    I would not let him take his first ride on my 450 that is for sure. That is a pretty big jump. I would rate it like going from a tri-cycle to a top fuel dragster. He may be better off on an xr 250 or 400.
  6. Sorry, I just read the first part and got to fired up to read the end. There have been other people believing that the ama was right.