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    I like to ride dirtbikes and quads and snowboard
  1. YamahaMXer1129

    Sikk Mx or Pitster Pro

  2. YamahaMXer1129

    Cost to true a wheel?

    lacing was the easy part for me. truing was the really hard part. but about 80 to lace and 80 to true
  3. YamahaMXer1129


    well im not even gonna say crf50.. if your going with the knockoff route go with one of the pitsters.
  4. YamahaMXer1129

    Knockoff Fight

    the reasoning for calling them knock offs is because of the design. i mean on almost every knockoff parts are gonna be compatible with the crf/xr50 or klx/drz 110 depending on which bike the "knocked off". as for the keeping up thing. we pay for reliablitity, sure every bike breaks buts its going to be the company standing behind you. im sure they do on pitsters/sdgs/ssr's. im not even going to type any more cause i could go on but for now
  5. YamahaMXer1129

    Paddle Tire for a CRF50?

    ive seen them once at a parts store.. werent cheap though.. i have no clue what brand they were
  6. YamahaMXer1129

    Need a faster 50 (and keep it 50cc's)

    porting the head, intake manifold. clutch kit, gear it and what everyone else said
  7. YamahaMXer1129

    tightening spokes

    i just use my swingarm as a stand for it and go for the gold.. im just learning still.. its definatley a pain in the ass though.
  8. YamahaMXer1129

    New SSR bikes in the works

    actually yes i have
  9. YamahaMXer1129

    New SSR bikes in the works

    i was being sarcastic... knock off pitbikes are one thing but knock off big bikes is just terrible..
  10. YamahaMXer1129


    for riding around the neighborhood id go for a 50. i say this because you will maybe end up wanting to stunt.
  11. YamahaMXer1129

    Pitster pro x4, x3r, x2 in stock now!!!

    when are we getting these dynos on these
  12. YamahaMXer1129

    New SSR bikes in the works

    those are ugly.. very.. that full size 250 really looks like its gonna keep up with the 125's and 250fs..
  13. YamahaMXer1129

    tightening spokes

    learn to do it yourself. its definatley a pain in the ass but its gonna be worth it and turn out better after all the frustration.. also when you first get it laced and trued.. every 20 some odd minutes check the spokes like someone else said as theyll stretch
  14. YamahaMXer1129

    Ordered My Bike.....

    i really dislike the way the power is delivered on the ssr's
  15. YamahaMXer1129

    Give me a break, what's so special about a stock honda 50?

    Knockoffs have terrible trannys. All of them have tranny problems. The totally ripped everything off of honda. Hondas are ****ing bullet proof. RIDE RED