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    wiring diagram

    I'm not an electronics geek or anything but I have managed to wire my boat, 19' Jet, from scratch, no turn signals or high beam or A/C, D/C system though. I made my old 650 Yammy chopper work, it had turn signals and high beam. I think I can make this work and if not I have a good friend who is a certified electrogeek! I'm sooooooo stoked!!!!!!!! Kim
  2. elimsprint

    wiring diagram

    Thanks for the answers, I don't get the bike till next week so I don't know what is in the manual yet. I didn't want a Baja or other pre done kit as I want to use the Acerbis Cyclops headlight, Acerbis LED taillight and other LED turnsignals that I found online so I have to buy the wiring harnesses etc. myself and do my own custom conversion. I could probably figure it out without the wiring diagrams but if there is one in the manual then I'm all set. Thanks Again, Kim
  3. elimsprint

    KTM 525 exc dualsport

    Hi, I am just dual sporting a '06 450 EXC and am putting a keyed ignition lock on it. KTM part #58411066100, it fits in a hole on the left side of the frame up near the steering head, below the tank. Kim ps. I'm looking for an '06 450 EXC wiring diagram if anyone has one.
  4. elimsprint

    wiring diagram

    Hi All, I just bought a 2006 450 EXC and I want to dual sport it and I need a wiring diagram and color coding chart. Anybody got one or know where to find one? Thanks, Kim