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    sidi crossfire ta mx boots

    I have had very good luck ordering boots from Bike Bandit. I have had to return them on more than one occasion because the fit was wrong. No problem, and no extra charge for return shipping. In fact, in one case, the correct size arrived before I had a chance to ship back those with the incorrect fit. In all cases I used their live chat feature to discuss sizing issues and concerns BEFORE I ordered the boots.
  2. regor

    Happy Birthday Eddie....

    Happy Birthday Eddie!! Many returns of the day.
  3. regor

    Damages never end

    Bronco, In this particular situation, how do you keep metal bits from the drilling and dremmeling out of the inside of the case? Thanks, Roger
  4. OK, got it. Makes sense. Thanks guys.
  5. Thanks for this post Harry, it's a great one. I'm getting ready to do this maintenance myself and I have a question. I'm a little unclear about the bearing cleaning and I want to make sure that I understand what you (and others) have done here. To clean the bearings did you: 1. Remove the bearing, including the outer race from the housing (swingarm or linkage) and clean it in solvent and repack it and then press it into the housing; OR 2. Remove the inner race/bushing and the needles, leaving the outer race in the housing. Then cleaned the inner race and bearings with solvent, and cleaned the outer race in place. Then repacked by putting the needles back in the race and pressing grease in with your fingers; OR 3. Removed the inner race/bushing, cleaned out some of the old grease, and "wiped" new grease in with your fingers. Thanks for your input - I want to make sure I do this right.
  6. Eddie, That's great!!! Congrats to you and the team. I've seen vids of the big supermotos doing the climb (KTM, BMW Ducati) - unbelievable. Good work!
  7. OK. I thought that the water pump fix was not to be done unless it was leaking - fix rather than prevention. Did the thinking change (or did I misunderstand)?
  8. Hey Wire, Why did you add RTV to your list of supplies?
  9. regor

    A Little DRZ Project

    I really love my DRZ. I have an 06 S, and it is the ideal bike for the kind of trail riding and dual sport riding that I do. But lately, I've been reading about all of the fun the SuMo guys are having, and I keep thinking I'm missing something. Then, a couple of weekends ago, I'm out riding my other dual sport (a BMW 1150 GS - The Big Pig) on the roads east of me - I'm in Carlsbad CA, and I see several SMs and Ss that are converted, and they're just tearing up and having a blast. So, I think, I need to do something. A new project. The plan - be able to convert back and forth relatively quickly depending on what kind of riding I want to do at the time: 17" Wheels - Maybe Warp 9s? Road Tires - Pirelli Diablo Strada? Oversized Front Rotor 15/41 Gearing Edge Tail Light Vapor Tach Acerbis SuMo Front Fender And then some performance mods: FCR MX kit from TT Powerbomb Header The Sisneros Speed Works Super Start Kit (it just arrived a couple of days ago - thanks Eddie, you rock!) And while I'm at it, might as well hit some of the standard things that need tending to: Primary Nut Fix Starter Clutch Nut Fix Free Power Mod Swingarm Maintenance Valve Clearance Check Now the ONLY potential fly in the ointment is that my wife wants to remodel the downstairs bedroom/bathroom. Right now. Argh. So we tore all the old carpet out of the room, and then she says, "Honey, why don't you just move your motorcycle in here while you do all the mods that you want". Of course, I'm stunned (and looking around for the alien seed pod that has stolen her body). Then she drives to Sears and buys a Craftsman work bench and stool, and assembles them herself! She's a keeper! I'm moving the bike in tonight.
  10. regor

    Stupid FCR Question

    Ahhh! I did not want to force anything, but now I see the the first couple of time you have to use a little force to get it to click and hold. Thanks!
  11. regor

    Stupid FCR Question

    I just got my FCR MX kit from the TT store and I'm getting it ready to install on the bike. One thing I noticed though, is that when I pull out the choke nob and let go, it does not stay out, it snaps right back in. Is there something wrong here, or am I just missing something? Thanks for your help in advance.
  12. Well, I'll make sure that I test drive on a freeway (I have for the Ford and Chevy). But, I haven't heard negative comments about the Tundra ride from owners.
  13. Well, one of the things that I said when I started this thread is that I would NOT alter my requirements for a truck. I was just interested in finding the best truck to meet my requirements. So, after repeated hammering I've loosened up on some of the things that I thought were set in stone. One thing I haven't changed is the requirement for a GAS vehicle. This truck will be going to Mexico and Central America, and perhaps South America. Diesel is a NO GO. Regarding the new/used debate - well, maybe I'm being stupid here too, and I need to look at some used trucks.
  14. For those who are wondering why I'm not looking at the Diesels - and there are some sweet deals out there. We go to Mexico, and this makes the diesel a difficult or impossible option.
  15. Well, went to look at and test drive the Chevy and Ford yesterday. First, a general comment: It was a beautiful, warm, sunny Southern California day (North San Diego County coast). Both dealerships were absolutely dead - one or two folks looking a cars, and not a soul to be seen in the truck areas; it was a little eerie. Both trucks were very nice. Here are my impressions: I liked the look of the Ford more, it looked more like a truck. I crawled around under both trucks, and liked the general robustness of the Ford, as well as its suspension design a little more than the Chevy. The Ford also had more interior room, and I liked the Ford seating better. The test drive was a toss up. The Ford felt better on the road, especially a speed. Above 80 mph the Chevy tended to "float" a little; Ford was very solid. Now this could be cured with better tires, or shocks. Ford was smoother on the bumpy roads. The Chevy engine/transmission performance was stellar. The V10 was nice, but the 6.0 and the 6 speed was just a blast to drive. Over all, it was pretty even. Both had points in their favor. I'll do some more research and another test drive or two. To complicate things, my wife wanted to test drive the Suburban - K2500, 6.0 six speed auto (we have a 96 that is getting close to 200K, and love it). Very nice! Next, off to look at the Dodge and the Toyota.