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  1. Well done DD! Bud Light for the wife. Im with DD, Bud Heavy in the garage.
  2. Ive been saving up for the Thor Impact Rig SE. Seems to be a good combination of support and protection, plus it has a kidney belt built in.
  3. I turn the caps lock off before I hit the magic button, and start right up, every time
  4. Cubera, you must have one helluva mechanic. I havent changed the air in my tires for weeks and was going to give that new hight tech, high traction air a try, but I cant remember who makes it. Do you or your mechanic know where I can get my hands on that stuff?
  5. The muffler bearings say they are "pre greased", but I think it would be wise to go ahead and pack them with the blue stuff just in case they coat em light, like at the bearings in the X. Also, make sure you get the high RPM model. I bought the stock muffler bearings, and chewed em up real fast because of the Pink Wire Mod. The added RPM's and horsepower resultiing from the Pink Wire mod will eat up a standard muffler bearing and throw of the timing of the Power Band. Of course Im not adding anything you dont already know.
  6. Ya exhaust is basicly straight through, fs is at 1 1/8 I ride at sea level to 2500 ft. The starter almost seemed like it over heated but was fine the rest of the day so it could have been low battery unsure. I notice in the JD instructions it says if you have exhaust mods and air box to test drive with 170main. The bike was still poping on decel so maybe it's a little lean yet. I did enjoy the fact after mod's with 260lb ass foreword on the seat to the gas it did a nice 3rd gear wheelie. The power was very managable I like what I got for $120.00 I'm just not dialed in yet. I think the kouba fs maybe viberating on me when I installed the o ring did not come out with the old fs so maybe need to dig it out and re-install. Is this English?????? I read it five times and decided to go pour myself a drink.
  7. Bought it, had some questions, used the search engine, got the answers, installed it, love it.
  8. This is Hondas way of keeping retards off the bike. If you cant change the air filter on a 450X, than you have no business riding one If you will let an air filter dictate your bike decision than there is no hope.
  9. Oh, and happy Easter lol
  10. Flos, Your bike does not run fine. It comes from the factory jetted way too lean and needs to be rejetted and the air intake needs to be opened up. Do yourself a favor and do some searches on jetting and air box mods. There is too much information already here to justify spelling it out again, but you do need to make some modifications. These will also help your bike run cooler. The Seach button is your friend. Do some research and let us know how much you love the X when you are done. Goood Luck! Eric
  11. Nope, sorry.
  12. DJ VT, what is the reasoning behind leaving the pink wire? I havent done mine yet but after reading what NSANEMX had to say, I was just about to go out to the garage and do the Pink wire. Doesnt sound like it could hurt anything, especially if you rarely max out RPM.
  13. Holy crap, someone did some reading. This could have been another "my x is a piece of #%^@, why does it bog........" Nice job Marby Man! If you really want that throttle to become snappy, add a Boyesen Quickshot and get yourself a Twin Air filter.
  14. That vid could use a little circus music in the background.
  15. Hey Shady, did that cover ignite in the fire? I dont know what the flashpoint is for magnesium, but I do know it burns very hot, very bright and explodes if you hit it with water.