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  1. I'm sorry about the loss of your son, Michael. My son is now 20 yrs old...I'll give him a hug in memory of your son. Thanks for reminding how precious our loved ones are. MikeD
  2. MikeD94

    Dr. Mark - osteotomy or knee replacement

    dg2112, You said you had all cartiledge removed from outer part of your left knee. Are you referring to the meniscus or the cartiledge? If cartiledge then why would any doctor do that? I wish you best of luck in your decision and outcome. DrMark, Assuming a person has torn/missing meniscus along with torn ACL how long does cartiledge usually last for an average person before bone to bone or arthritis occurs assuming no lengthly running? How about with reconstructed ACL? Thanks, MikeD
  3. You can do that but that would push the radiators out too far toward the knees. It was not easy bending the thick end plates. I made note of how much to bend to achieve total offset, marked a bend line using a marker then used a workbench vise to hold the end plate and a big crescent wrench to form the ends of the end plate. It took time to get the bends I wanted. I find that I need to trim the reinforcing gussets that rest against the sides of the radiator about 3/16" to 1/4" to bring the radiator shrouds closer to the rads. This compensates for the end plates. One of these days when I take the bike apart for rebuild I'll take pics. It's gonna be a while since I don't ride/race much nowadays. I really like the Moose cage. I don't see how the radiators can get flattened on its sides now.
  4. MikeD94

    Friend Seriously injured at MX track

    Jarrod, Thanks for writing and letting us know what happened. I hope that you will make 100% recovery. Good luck.
  5. MikeD94

    When to look ahead when taking corners?

    That's a good advise Hstead. I'll try that next time I ride. I remember DeCoster said to look ahead 10 ft (or something like that) for every gear you are in when cornering. If you're in 3rd the you should be looking ahead 30 ft.
  6. MikeD94

    How is my form?

    Looked like you were comfortable and having a blast! In the 5th pic from the top, noticed that your right knee is not tight against the tank/shroud. You should be pushing against the tank/shroud and weigh the outside peg.
  7. MikeD94

    Pro's touching their number plate

    Adjusting the clutch.
  8. MikeD94

    wisco crank vs hotrods

    Wisco cranks may be made in China! Not sure about Hotrod cranks. I'd get Hotrod cranks (if they are not made in China).
  9. On the PC ported cylinder did they add any epoxy to the transfer ports? I'm sure that Eric Gorr does.
  10. MikeD94

    YZ250 with a CR250 Cylinder?????

    I'm 99.99% sure that it won't work. But an RM250 cylinder might have a slightly better chance to fit than a CR!
  11. Just received MXA April '09 issue. In "Ask the Expert" someone asked which Honda CR250R he should get. They replied to avoid '97 thru '04. What I don't understand is why skip '02-'04 models?!? I don't see much improvement on the '05 as it still runs like '02-'04 comparatively speaking such as to a YZ250 '01-'09 or whatever. Just venting.
  12. Can't help about the Flatland. But as for the Moose radiator cage. I installed this on my '03 several months ago. It's not as simple as installing it. Even though the spacing for the radiator mounts are the same between '03 and '05-'07 this cage does not fit properly! You'll have to bend the plate which mounts to the frame so that it's shape like a slight Z shape length wise so that its plates follows the offset of the radiator tabs. Then slightly bend the tabs on the plates for the tubes so that the cage will fit over the '03 radiators. I added regular washers between the cage and frame so that the "bent" portion of the plate does not bottom out on the tabs on the frame. Also, suggest to trim the gussets along the inside of the radiator shrouds so that the shrouds fits closer to the radiaters. It's a lot of work. Sorry for no pics! I'll take pics next time I do a top end.
  13. MikeD94

    Friend Seriously injured at MX track

    He went 140' and the specialist expected 20'!?! Jarrod is one determined fella! I know what you mean about how a wreck happened not knowing why.
  14. MikeD94

    Friend Seriously injured at MX track

    I'm glad to hear that your friend is doing better. It's hard to understand how he crashed. Did he endoed after landing on his rear wheel like coming up short then back end kicked him over the bars? Not sure how this could happen on the table top. I'm not implying that he did not ride right but just want to learn from his mistake if there was any. It must have been a freak accident where no one can learn from. Please continue to report his progress and I'll keep him in my prayers.
  15. MikeD94

    DIY CR250 engine porting

    Dave, That one nice looking "old" lathe! Thanks for sharing the pics and most important of all your experience. Now you said your bike rips now. Did you gain more top end when you "raised" the boost port by chamfering your piston? Are you going to change the angle of the roof of the boost port to direct the charge toward the spark plug? Are there different characteristics of the combustion between the flat and dome top pistons?