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  1. Daybreak from the starting point. Getting ready to start was like herding cats. Not the fault of anyone, just the logistics of twenty one riders. Looking down at the starting point. I am guessing about ten miles into the ride. Front group waiting. Tattoo went back to find the broken radiator incident in the previous post. Then we all went back. Johanessberg. Hinckley stop. Waiting, I don't know where. Tattoo in the darkness. John, great ride and great lead.
  2. KTM carnage. Good thing I still have my teeth after this trip, after eating everyone's roost, I wasn't even hungry at the end of the ride. Night riding can do bad things to rims.
  3. The armor is a Rock Garden Flak Jacket and has saved my hide many times. Over the armor is an Ogio Flight vest which works great for me, except for the zippers which are absolute junk. Unfortunately, the armor doesn't protect against canonball sized rocks launched by a friend's (Tattoo) back tire at night at speed to the bicep.
  4. Hi Walt, I was on the ride from Cal City to Primm, but not the return ride. I hope your shoulder is healing well and yes, I would love a tour of Calico or anywhere else for that matter. Mike
  5. John, Thank you for an unforgettale ride. You did a great job leading this ride. Also, to all the guys that rode and handled the support side of the ride - great to meet you and thanks for a fantastic ride. Mike
  6. Rode it two weeks ago and the grate was there. Wobbly, but there.
  7. I like singletrack, hillclimbs, desert - I don't do any track riding, but anything else sounds great.
  8. My g/f has a convention in Las Vegas 12/1-12/3 so I am bringing my bike. Anyone riding that weekend? Where should I ride? Mike
  9. I have a 1998 California model. Even after re jetting and an HRC needle, starting was difficult. I drilled out the pilot jet with a 1/8 drill bit. Started first kick every time, but had a little black smoke out the tailpipe. Pulled the main and pilot and started jetting both richer. Removed the choke plate completely (live in California) and found optimum jetting for sea level. I can't remember what I ended up with, but it is far richer than any recommended specifications I could find. Now the bike absolutely rips (air box mods and 97 exhaust tip.) My advice: go overboard rich, then lean out, checking exhaust and spark plugs along the way. To start without a choke plate, I lean the bike on the left side with the petcock open, open full throttle and that seems to get enough fuel to start without a choke plate. Good luck.
  10. Anyone up for socal ride 8/18-8/20? I am up to ride almost anywhere, probably prefer something cooler rather than hotter, but am game for anything.