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  1. 230rider15

    plug chop

    so i should ride it in the higher rpms in the higher gears and as i am i hit the kill switch and pull the plug to check? i no most bikes come lean from the factory because of emission regulations and my 230 is bad. it wont idle and my friend had the same problem until he jetted his, so when i put the jets in to check i wanna no im doin it right. thanks guys
  2. 230rider15

    plug chop

    can someone go through the basics of what to do when i wanna plug chop the bike to check to see if its too lean or rich? do i just run it and then check the plug? im not sure
  3. 230rider15

    uni air filter

    thats extra smart
  4. 230rider15

    We need a new thread. Here's one.

    ehh my 50 would beat its ass...
  5. 230rider15


    that was sooo stupid...
  6. 230rider15

    CRF150 Owner's Manual

    ya man its cool. i keep all the dates of oil changes and servicing, plus any other mods i make. its also nice too because it has a recall section that explains if anything has gone bad (its a honda ull never see one) with the 7 bikes i have (all honda) its a very nice record keeper. the manual is kind of limited but i think it has the basics u may need
  7. 230rider15

    stock 50????

    I dont think these parts have anythin to do with jumpin except maybe the pegs... anythin u put on the bike will make it better, just get out and ride (when u get one)
  8. 230rider15

    CRF150 Owner's Manual

    try registering it with honda owners link. put in the pin, it verifies the bike and has an online manual you can use. you can keep records and everythin too honda owners link Register and try it out... u may like it
  9. 230rider15

    Just finished free mods and valve adj. !

    wat elevation u at or u ride?
  10. they dont need an 8mm head, thats just what came with mine...
  11. 230rider15

    Worst Feeling

    ive got one... i bought a 50 used and painted the handlebars, new grips, cleaned up the plastic all nice and let a buddy ride it by my house. the clutch engages fast and 1st gear is nothin so if you get it into the higher rpm, when u shift itll pop u off the back, literally. i thought he had rode one before so i was like "u know 3 up while ur goin blah blah..." he starts goin, revs it HIGH in first and powershifts causing the bike to loop, he whiskey throttles it and comes down crashing bending the fork leg and scratching my new white grips, plastic, and painted bars against the assphault. i was shocked and wanted to cry at the same time. i needed longer fork tubes anyways so it wasnt a big deal but im done lettin people ride it who are like "its a 50 i can ride it easy" and who think a two stroke has two pistons. only my friends that ive taught who love it now are allowed and anyone else im just like nooooo its not that easy...
  12. the cylinder head bolts are 15/64's with an 8mm metric socket and i couldnt get to any others cause my bike is missin the swingarm and wheel so i couldnt look under at the moment - i dont exactly remember but i think they are the same o ya and their about an inch long
  13. 230rider15

    forks ne 1?

    anythins possible with modifications...
  14. 230rider15

    50 caliber, fiveO?

    ive heard people not likin 50 caliber. why?
  15. 230rider15

    How to remove clutch on my sons PW50

    try this its from danosbikeshop.com it shows removing of a clutch to put in a new manual one...